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Great Great Great Great Grandparents  GENERATION: thomas ANDREWS and _______, parents of CHARLES ANDREWS + NATHAN THOMPSON and MARY SPENCER, parents of ACKA THOMPSON

Great Great Great Grandparents MATERNAL GENERATION:

When GGGGranddad Charles Andrews was born in 1800 in Montgomery Village, MD, his father, Thomas, was about 22. He married Acka Thompson on September 13, 1824, in Montgomery.

When GGGGrandmom Acka Thompson was born in 1805 in Montgomery, her father, Nathan, was 40, and her mother, Mary, was 35. She lost her father when she was only 10 years old.



Great Great Grandparents GENERATION:  William Pearre and DelilaH Andrews

William Pearre was born in 1826 in MD. He married Delilah Andrews and they had four children together. He also had two sons from another relationship. He died in 1869 in his hometown at the age of 43.

When Delilah Andrews was born on August 22, 1838, her father, Charles, was 38, and her mother, Acka, was 33. She married William Pearre and they had four children together. She then married Lloyd Hamilton Nicholson and they had five children together. She died in October 1900 in Maryland at the age of 62, and was buried in Potomac, Maryland





1800:  Delilah's dad Charles Andrews born.

1805:  Delilah's mom Acka Thompson born.

1826:   Delilah's future husband WILLIAM PEARRE born in MD.

1838:  DELILAH ANDREWS born  in MD.

1848?????  Delilah's dad Charles Andrews dies.  Delilah is 10.

1850 Census for Medleys, MD:  Delilah is 16 (calculates to born in 1834) Her father, Charles, is working as a "laborer" at the age of 50 for the young farm family headed by Lloyd Nicholson (to be Delilah's second husband).   Lloyd and Ann M. Purdy Nicholson have a son Richard T. Nicholson who is 2 (born 1848).  Also in this household is Leander Nicholson who is 23 and a laborer and a child Walter Nicholson who is 8.  Of note:  Lloyd, Leander and Charles are all listed as unable to read.

About 1855:  Delilah and Charles Pearre marry.

1856 January:  Son of Delilah and Charles is born - George C. Pearre

About 1859:  Son of Delilah and Charles is born - Alex Pearre

1866:  Daughter of Delilah and Charles is born - Mary G. Pearre

1868:  Son of Delilah and Charles is born - Charles L Pearre

1868:  Daughter of Delilah and Charles is born - Clara Bell Pearre

About 1869:  CHARLES PEARRE HAS DIED, leaving widow Delilah and three small children - Mary G., Charles L, and infant Clara Bell Pearre.  Also, sons George C. Pearre who was born in 1856 (about 13-14) and Alexander N. Pearre who was born in 1859 (about 10-11)

1870 Census Urbana MD: Delilah is now 30 and is living in the Lloyd H. Nicholson (age 47) home, with her daughter Mary G Pearre who is 4 and Charles L Pearre who is 2 and infant Clara Bell Pearre who is 9/12 months and was born in August.  Of note:  Lloyd is not listed as farming, but instead is a "shingle maker".  Timothy White who is 49 is listed as "working on a farm" and may be Lloyd household is still farming.   Delilah is listed as "keeping house" (for Lloyd household presumably).  Delilah is now listed as cannot write, but the cannot read mark is missing for Lloyd H. Nicholson.  

1870!!  Also of interest is WHERE are George C. Pearre who is about 14 and Alexander N. Pearre who is about 11!!

ANSWER!!  Alexander is found in 1870 census, at age 11, working on the farm of Emory (63) and Margaret (53) Beall family in Urbana!  Alex cannot read nor write though he is listed as attending school.

 ANSWER!!  George likely is the George Pearre born about 1855 in Barnesville  MD and living in 1870 with James and Ann R. Pearre who are 47 and 39 respectively.  George is 15.   Also living with the Pearre are Franklin A (8), Mary L (6), Charles B (4), Susan E. (2) and Lydia R. (1)




So, it appears that when Charles died, widow Delilah had to find places to live for her and her children.  George C. Pearre, about 15, went to live with the James and Ann Pearre family in Barnesville MD.  Alex Pearre went to live with the Beall family in Urbana.  And Delilah and Mary G., Charles L and Clara Bell (all 4 and under)  went to live in the  Lloyd Hamilton Nicholson which is also in Urbana.  Delilah works to clean his house and in several years marries Lloyd.

1880 Census for Urbana: Lloyd is 57 and he is married now to Delilah who is 38.  Lloyd is a farm laborer and Delilah keeps house.  Delilah's daughter Mary G. Pearre who is listed as a "Nicholson" is now 16.  Clara Bell is similarly listed as a "Nicholson" instead of her birthright name of Pearre.  Clara "Nicholson" is 9.  Charles L is also listed as a "Nicholson" instead of a Pearre and he is said to be 13 and a farm laborer (for Lloyd probably).  New children names are Elisha S. Nicholson 7, Oliver R. Nicholson 5, Laura Nicholson 4 and Philip an infant born in April.  Of note:  All are born in Maryland and Lloyd, Delilah, Mary G., and Charles are also noted as cannot read nor write.  (Why did they not get schooling in 1880??) .  "Stepsons" George and Alexander Pearre are NOT listed as Nicholsons but remain as "Pearre" surnamed.  They are are 23 and 21 respectively and both work as farm laborers (on Lloyd's farm?).  Alex and George have moved from the Beall and Pearre homes to the home of their mom, Delilah with Lloyd Nicholson. 

1900 Census:  Bethesda MD in Montgomery County taken on June 8th.   Lloyd, a farmer,  and his wife Delilah who will pass away in a few months (Oct.).  Ellie Pearre (stepson).  Delilah is listed as born in 1848 instead of her 1838.  The couple have been married 30 years or married about 1870. They were not married in the 1870 census, but perhaps married soon thereafter (?). 

An "Ellie" Pearre is listed as born May 1860.  He is listed as the 40 year old "Stepson" of Lloyd.  Not sure who this is!

Then Clara Bell is listed as Lloyd's daughter even though she is his stepdaughter.

Elijah and Ollie are next listed as sons.  They are children of Lloyd and Delilah together.

The relationships bounce all over the place from census to census; and I am unable so far to find a marriage document for Lloyd and Delilah, so they may just be living together since her widowhood and are now living as though husband and wife.  Ideas???

October 1900:  DELILAH PEARRE ANDREWS NICHOLSON dies at age 62.













1917-1918 WWI Registration in DC:  Oliver Nicholson, half brother of Clara Belle Pearre, has him listing her as his nearest contact.  Oliver is 45 years old at this time and obviously they remain close as half-siblings.

1920 Census for Washington DC:  The Pearre/McGaha family is still blended with the Nicholson family.  In this census, Ben and Clara are 48 and 50 respectively with their daughter Katherine at age 11 living with them...along with two of the Nicholson "cousins", Morris who is 18 and  Marion who is 16 (unknown if they are siblings or married to one another)


Great Grandparents GENERATION:  CLARA BELL PEARRE (Stepdaughter of  LLOYD NICHOLSON) married BENJAMIN W. McGAHA and became the mother of KATHERINE B. McGAHA

Clara Bell Pearre is a child of William Pearre and Delilah Andrews.  Following the death of William, Delilah went to live with the Nicholson family with her some of her children. 


Potomac United Methodist Church Cemetery, MD


For information on Grandparents Katherine B. McGaha Cator and her husband John Ernest Cator, please see:


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