Your 4th GGfather, Capt. Henry Darnall Hill, Jr. is a DNA Match to you.  Henry was born in MD about 1750 Henry Sr. and his wife Mary Ann Hoskins.  He died on April 27, 1822 in Prince George's County, MD at the age of about 72.

Through your lineage you are eligible for the Sons of the American Revolution membership (SAR).  Capt. Hill served in establishing American Independence. He later was commissioned Captain and outfitted a company at his own expense in Marbury's Battalion, Maryland Continental Line. His battalion immediately moved to join the army under Washington near Philadelphia.  His company was attached to the flying camp of Brig. Gen. Smallwood.  Capt. Henry Hill participated in several engagements of that campaign including Trenton, the battle of Germantown (October 4, 1777) and operations around Philadelphia.

Henry performed about twenty months of active service.  His service ended on December 10, 1781.  Upon his retirement, Capt. Henry Hill Jr. returned to his farming in Prince George's County,

Three of his sons also served in the War of 1812-1815.  We know your 3rd GGfather Joseph Benedict Hill was one of them, but I do not at this time know who the other two were.

Interestingly, Brig. Gen. Bennett H. Hill, USA, who died March 24, 1886 after a long service in the Army, was a grandson of your 4th Great Grandfather Capt. Henry Hill, Jr. 

Capt Henry Darnall Hill, Jr. did own slaves per the 1790 census for Prince George's County.  There were 24 slaves listed. 

He owned Prospect Hill which he farmed:

Capt. Henry Hill, Jr. married your 4th GGrandmother Hester "Hetta" Maxwell Brooke Hill on April 23, 1781, in Prince George's County, Maryland, when he was 31 years old.

Hetta was born in London, England in the month of August 1755.  She died in PGC, MD on August 16, 1842 at the age of 87..

They had several children, including::

Ann T. Hill who never married.  She was born 1786 in PGC. and died before 1861 in same county.

Next born was your 3rd GGfather, Joseph Benedict Hill, born in 1789.

Esther Hill was born in 1790.  Henry Oswald Hill; some list him as Henry Vincent Hill.  Born 1791?  Leonard Hill was born 1792. John Hill born 1793. George Brooke Hill was born in 1794.

Mary Ann Hill was born August 25 in 1795 and she died 14 June 1847 in Kent County, MD.  Mary Ann did marry James Brooke and had one known child Henrietta Eleanor Brooke. 

Henrietta Jane Hill born 1795. She married William Lewis Kennedy and had one child Elizabeth Hill Kennedy born in 1828.  Interestingly, Elizabeth Kennedy received a slave from "Ann" and Elizabeth Hill Kennedy petitioned to have this slave legally freed.

Other children, without other information, may include Clement B. Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Anne Brooke Hill and Baker Brooke Hill.


(DNA MATCH) Joseph Benedict Hill

Your 3rd GGfather, Joseph Benedict Hill, is a DNA match to you.   Joseph was born on May 18, 1789 in Woodland, PGC, MD.

Joseph fought as a private in the War of 1812 for the 1st Reg't District of Columbia Militia.

Joseph married Sarah D. Heiskell in 1817.  He was 27 and she was 22. 

He owned Prospect Hill in Prince George's County, MD.  Part of this he gave to his son, Alexander Penn Hill who named his portion Moss Side. 

In 1850 Census for PGC, MD, Joseph was 61 and a farmer with real estate valued at $10,500.  He and Sarah had their daughter Emily and son Potterfield Hill living with them.

At the age of 70, in the 1860 Census for PGC, MD, he was a planter and owned real estate valued at $12,000!  And personal property of $20,000.  His wife Sarah was 69 then.  He owned 36 slaves ranging in age from 6 months to 80 years.  Slave schedule to the right:

In 1861, the Confederate forces invaded Maryland.

Your 3rd great grandfather died on January 25, 1864 in PGC when he was 74 years old.

Your 3rd great grandmother Sarah died on July 30th of 1864 at about 69 years of age. 



Your Great Great Grandfather, John Oswald Hill Sr. is a DNA match to you.  John is the son of Joseph Benedict Hill and his wife Sarah Darnall Heiskell Hill. Note:  One of the stained glass windows in St. Ignatius Church in Oxen Hill is dedicated in Sarah's name

John was born likely in 1817 to 1820s in PGC, MD. 

John married Matilda Millicent Waring who was born on July 22, 1822 in MD. They married in Montgomery County, MD on May 2nd, 1842.

Matilda was 18 when they married in 1842.  Their only child was John Oswald Hill, Jr. born in 1843 in PGC, MD. 

We know that John Oswald Hill Sr. died in December of 1844.  Since we don't know the exact date of his birth, we can only surmise that he was in his 20s or so. 

So, in the span of 2 years, they married, had their only child, and Matilda lost her husband John Sr.  We do not know the reason for his death.

Your Great Grandmother Matilda went on to marry Dr. William George Hardy and they had 5 children.  They lived in Georgetown.

Your Great Grandmother Matilda Millicent Waring Hill Hardy died in DC on November 29, 1895 at the age of 73.  She is buried at St. Mary's Catholic Church of Piscataway Cemetery in Clinton, PGC, MD.

Matilda was a member of a prominent Maryland family, being the daughter of Henry Waring of PGC and granddaughter of Basil Waring.  She was related to the Shrewsbury, Carroll, Brent, Brooke, Digges and Darnall families. 

At one point she owned a lot of real estate in PGC.

When she died, her son John Jr was living. 



Your Great Grandfather, John Oswald Hill, Jr. was born in 1844 to John Sr. and his wife Matilda Waring Hill. 

During the 1870 census John was single and already owned his own property valued at $2200 and had personal assets of $200.

On May 17, 1872 John Jr. married Maria (Henrietta Maria) Hurtt who was born ____ in Piscataway, PGC, MD.  Maria was the daughter of Edward Edgar Hurtt and Mary M. Young.  By the time she was 10 or 11 both of her parents had died.  Maria had three siblings.

John Jr. was a farmer.

During the Civil War of 1861-1865 John O. Hill served with the Confederacy Infantry 1st Regiment MD and then with the 2nd Infantry Battalion MD.


In 1873 their first child was born, your Great Uncle John E. Hill.  In 1900 he worked as a telegraph operator and at one point was a clerk in a grocery store.  John E. married Mabel Claggett.  Their children were George C. Hill b. 1904, Edith Hill born 1906, John Edward Hill (Jr.) b. 1908, an infant died in 1913, and Alfred Bond Hill (photo to Right) born 1915; died 2008.  Alfred died in Newburg and buried at Trinity Memorial Gardens, Waldorf. 

Three years later, your Grandfather Thomas Domick Hill was born Aug. 6, 1876 MD. 

Your Great Aunt Mariam Maude Hill, born 1879  on May 14th in MD.

Your Great Uncle Joseph E. Hill was born April 1880. In 1900, 1920 he was a messenger for the government.  During the year Joseph E. Hill was born, John and Maria and their family lived in Piscataway and John was farming.

Your Great Uncle Clarence Joseph Hill born 10 April 1884/85 DC; married Elsie Lowe 1906 in Piscataway; died July 14, 1941 DC. Clarence Joseph Hill lived at 1402 E. St. SE in DC and worked as a Navy Yard carpenter. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery.  He was medium build/height, light blue eyes, dark hair.


Peter Henry Hill, born November 11, 1887.  He was at one point a messenger for the government. 

Your Great Grandmother Maria Hurtt Hill died _____ 1018 l1th Street in DC.

10 years later, he was still a widower, still worked as a grocer, and was renting his residence.  John Jr. lived just two doors from his son, your grandfather, Thomas Domick Hill, on D St SE in DC. 

Your Great Grandfather John Oswald Hill, Jr. died in on Saturday, October 18, 1913 at Providence Hospital.  He was 69.  He had been the beloved husband of Maria and was now a widower. Your Great Grandfather died of a cerebral hemorrhage.


Your father's dad was Thomas D. Hill who married Anna Gertrude Greenfield in 1901.  Anna Gertrude was born about 1880 in Camden New Jersey to Charles and Annie Greenfield.

Thomas was born in August 6. 1876.  He was baptized on October 15, 1876 was Thomas Dominic Hill. His Godmother was Eugenia Hurtt.

In 1910 the Thomas D. Hill family was living at 1014 Eye Street SE, in DC.  Thomas' dad,John Oswald Hill, age 66 and widowed lived at 1015 Eye Street SE.

In the 1920 Census for DC, Thomas and his family lived at 608 D Street in DC.  One of the three townhouses below is where they lived.  I do not know which one. This property was built in 1900 and includes 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in the 1172 sq ft townhouse. 

Your great grandfather Thomas was a member of the DC Fire Department and is linked with Engine #83 per his grave marker.  He and Anna had one daughter and a bunch of boys!


Thomas Domick Hill died October 3, 1943 in DC from complications of hypertension.  At the time of his death they were living at 911 G Street SE, DC.  He was 67. 

Anna died of cancer as a widow and not remarried on St. Patrick's Day 1957 at Providence Hospital in DC.  She was 77.

Both Thomas and Anna are buried at Congressional Cemetery at Range 84, Site 115. Their son Charles and daughter Anna Marie (site 116) , Infant John (Site 114) are also buried at Congressional Cemetery.

Thomas and Anna Gertrude had several children besides your  Dad, Charles Thomas Hill.  Charles was their firstborn, in 1902 in DC.

Your Aunt Anna Marie Hill was born Feb. 3, 1904 in DC but died single at age 20 from TB.  She was a telephone operator for the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company and also worked as a clerk at some point for the Red Cross. She was living at home with her parents on 911 G Street SE in DC when she passed.

Your Uncle John Oswald Hill lived only 7 months and 5 days.  He was born March 16, 1905.  His infant death was caused by meningitis. 

Your Uncle William Roscoe Hill who we knew as William R. for a long time, was born in 1907 in DC. Per the 1930 census, William R Hill (22) and his wife, Mary Agnes (21) lived in an apartment at 1114 F St, NE in DC. He was a clerk for a steam railroad and she was a clerk at a different business but I can't read the writing on the census. This wife was unknown to me before I wrote this webpage! Your Uncle William and Aunt Mary Agnes were married at the time of the 1940 census.  He was 32 and she 31 and they had a daughter Patricia Hill (7) and son Paul Hill (2). All were born in DC.  William Roscoe was a stationery store salesman in 1940. They lived at an RFD address in PGC, MD.   My information included a second wife, Doris whose maiden name is unknown to me.  William and Doris lived at 1500 MA Ave, NW in DC.  I think this was in the 50s but my notes are unfortunately unclear.  William R. Hill owned W. R. Hill Company at 1313 Thirteenth St NW in DC during the period of 1954 or more.

Your Uncle Henry Wallace "Opie" Hill  born 24 January 1909 in DC.  He married young, age 21, to Mabel Alice Brown (19) on about 13 Oct 1929 in DC before Rev. Thomas W. Cooke.  The Hill family were Catholics; this marriage for whatever reason ended up in annulment!! He then married a woman 14 years his senior who had been divorced by her husband Joseph Dinglebeck.  Joseph sued for the divorce from Mattie Elizabeth Dove Dindlebeck as she deserted him after 21 years of marriage and two children together; although contested, Joseph was awarded the divorce!  Mattie was 14 years older and still outlived Uncle Henry Wallace by 13 years! Mattie died at 98.  Mattie was born June 2, 1895 and died August 25, 1993 in Fairfax, VA, 13 years after Wallace Hill died on Nov. 11, 1980 at the age of 71.  He died of lung cancer.  At the time of his death he was living at 4053 Olley Lane in Fairfax VA.  In 1954 Wallace was a driver at Futrovsky Bros. located at 1053 Thirteenth St NW in DC, a few doors from his brother William R. Hill's business.  His last occupation prior to his death was a mechanic. 

 United States Seaman Passport

                               Henry Wallace Hill in Uniform

Nellie? Mattie and Henry Wallace Hill

Your Uncle Robert Vincent Hill Sr, born July 6th 1917 in DC.  In the 1920 DC Census Robert V. Hill was 2 years and 5/12 months in age and lived at 608 D Street.  Robert was 12 in the 1930 DC census living at  911 G. Street SE.  Robert died June 14, 1997 in DC.    His wife Frankie Lee Valentine was previously married to Carl Vernon Byrd, both of Virginia. Eventually Uncle Robert moved to Florida and lived at 933 Wedgewood Dr., Winter Springs in 1984; 404 Fort Smith Blvd in Deltona FL in 1992; 1584 Brady Drive in Enterprise FL at some point. Robert died in Volusia County, FL on June 14, 1997 and is buried with his wife Frankie Lee Hill at Deltona Memorial Gardens in Orange City.  She died before him in 1990.





# Surname First Name Middle Name DOD Buried Range Site Comment
12855 HILL THOMAS D. 1943 10/ 6  85 114  
12837 HILL JOHN O. 1905 10/20  86 114  
12823 HILL ANNA GERTRUDE 1957  3/20  85 115  
12856 HILL (CHILD)   1920  8/28  86 115 Infant of Thomas D.Hill
12808 HILL CHARLES T. 1964 12/ 1  85 116  
12806 HILL ANNA MARIA 1924  9/ 1  86 116  
NEW 5/27/03 GREENFIELD HENRY  C. 1865 10/13 86 115 Age 53.*
GREENFIELD MARY E. 1870 3/25 86 114 Age
49 **
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