DNA    Mundon line (Pfiel)

Ancestors of two of my grandchildren


Dear Grandchildren,

This is another American Indian line through your mother's side of your family. 

Your 4th Great Grandfather was American Indian Nelson Mundon who was born sometime around 1823 in New York.  He married a woman named Margaret Herring, daughter of ____ and Elizabeth Herring of Ulster County, NY which is a neighboring county. 

One son was Thomas Mundon who is your 3rd Great Grandfather.   Nelson's grandson, Daniel Mundon is your Great Great Grandfather.  Your Great Grandmother was Cathryn Julia Mundon who married Red Pfiel.




The earliest record I have found for Nelson is the 1850 Census for the State of NY.  Nelson was 27 and worked as a laborer.  His wife Margaret 24 (born about 1826) .  They are listed as White.

Their children then were Julia (Lulu?) who was 5 (born 1845), William 3 (born 1847) and Elizabeth 1 (born 1849).

1852 Along comes your 3rd Great Grandfather. Thomas was born around 1852 in NY.

1860 Mulatto Our next proof is the 1860 Census for Catskill NY.  Julia is now 15, William W. is now 12 and Elizabeth is 11.  Thomas is 9 and Charles is 3.  Two new kids since the last census!

1870 Mulatto Our next major proof is the 1870 Census for NY.  Nelson is now a Coachman and owns his land/home valued at $2000 and has $500 worth of personal valuables.  Margaret is staying at home with the family.  She, by the way, was born in NJ.   As a coachman in NY he likely drove a horse(s) and carriage of some type.  No known which type.  Since his home is of good value for 1870, he may actually be using his own horses and carriages/wagons.  His son, Thomas Mundon (your 3xGG) at 18 is also a Coachman so he may well be working in a family business, or they both got jobs with an owner of this type of business. Note that although he is a coachman, Nelson and Margaret cannot read or write Thomas is listed as can read, but not write. Interestingly in the 1700s and beyond reading and writing were separate learnings.  So people really could read, at least to some extent, but not be able pen even their name, instead using their "mark," an X which was typically witnessed by someone who could do both.  Someone using an X may have been able to read, but not write.  Foreign to our day!

Their children William and Elizabeth are no longer listed on the 1870 Census and all are likely grown and with their own families.  They would now be 23 and 21.

Son Charles is 14 and at school and was born in NY around 1856. 

Newest Daughter Mary is 8 (1862 NY) is attending school.

With them are Daniel Varick and his wife, their daughter, Julia Mundon Varick, ages 27 and 25 respectively.  He is a waiter and Julia a servant, both born in NY.

The 1870 Census lists the Mundon family as "Mulatto".  This family is listed at times as White, or Mulatto, or Black and finally in the 1940s the Native American listings appear.  About time!

1880 Mulatto  Bouncing forward 10 years to the next census, Nelson and Margaret are now 56 and 55 which is more like it.  They are now Mulatto and live in Catskill NY.  With them are daughter Elizabeth who is now 18, Charles 23, Mary 17, and their new youngest daughter Ella 8.  Elizabeth was 1 year old in the 1850 Census and not in the 1870 listing and now reappears in the 1880 census - 30 years later, living at home again with the age listed as 27.  These Mundon women sure have age changes!

Nelson is a "Cartman" now but his son Charles is a "Coachman."  Difference? 

Five doors down the road is son Thomas and his wife Julia and their daughter Nettie. Thomas still works as a cartman or a coachman.  He and Julia L. are 27 and their new baby is a mere six months old.

15 June 1898 Probated Will of Mom, Margaret A. Mundon of Catskill NY, is signed May 2, 1898:



Your 3rd Great Grandfather was American Indian Thomas R. Mundon who was born in 1852 in NY.

1875 NY Census: BLACK In the 1870 Census, Thomas was listed as 18 (born 1852) and 5 years later in the 1875 NY Census, he is listed as 22 years old (born 1852) and now he is Black.


Thomas, per the 1900 Federal Census married Julia LNU in 1880.

Thomas Mundon  is now Mulatto listed and is a cartman born in NY to a NY born dad and a NJ born mom.

Julia L, his wife, is Mulatto and keeps house.  She was born in NY to NY born parents.

They have a daughter Nettie (Jennett or Jinnett) who is 6 months old and born in NY.


New York, State Census, 1892  BLACK
Thomas (black) Mundon is 40 and she 39. He is a "truckman". With them are their children Nettie, Minnie, and Daniel (Your Great, Great Granddad).


1900 Federal Census in Catskill Village NY - 8 years later:  BLACK

Thomas and Julia Mundon are listed as Black.  They married in 1880.  He is 48 and she







is 46.  He is born December 1851; she is born Sept 1853.  They have had 4 children, 3 living.,  Both born in NY to NY born parents.  He is a "carman" (should this be "cartman") and she is a "laundress"  Their children are Jinnett, born October 1979 (Black)  Minnie Mundon (Mrs. Rone), born May 1881 and married to John Rone, son-in-law both "Black" and Daniel Mundon born August 1885 ("Black")




1930 US Census for Greene County, East Jewett Town, NY  WHITE

Born 12 AUG 1885  Catskill NY    Died: 1963 Albany NY

Daniel attended Catskill Academy and Union Free School in his elementary years where he was listed on the Star Roll.  Ex: 1893 and 1894 news articles in the Catskill Recorder.


His sisters Nettie and Minnie also appeared on Star Roll in 1893:

June 1893 "Dannie" Mundon promoted to 3rd Primary:








Daniel married Alice Jane Arlene Brandow, your Great, Great Grandmother.  She was  WHITE   and he was American Indian 

1930 US Census for Greene County, East Jewett Town, NY  WHITE

Daniel, Alice, and their children are listed as "White" in the 1930 census.  He is a cook. 

1940 US Census Jewett Town, NY  American Indian    

Finally, we have Daniel listed as he truly is, and as his family before him of Mundons were:  American Indian.  Interestingly, it appears he married a white woman and all of their children are listed as "White" instead of American Indian (IN).  In censuses past his wife and children were listed as he was...black, mulatto.  The entire family in this census were each born in NY to NY born parents.  Daniel is 52 and Alice is 34.  Daughters Cathryn J. Mundon (YOUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER who is 16), Anna May R. Mundon, Dolores A. Mundon, and Edith L. Mundon who are your Great Aunts. Alice only went to 4th grade, but Daniel and Cathryn went to the first year of high school.   Daniel was a roadwork laborer.

American Indian   In 1942 Daniel had to register for the WWII Draft.  Here we have further proof that he was an American Indian and we now know his middle name was Barike.  He was born on August 12, 1885 in Catskill NY and he is short at 5'3", weighs 135 pounds, has brown eyes and black hair, and his skin is dark.  He has a scar on his neck, but we do not know more about this.  LOOK at his signature - cursive and very nice. 





When Cathryn Julia Mundon was born on September 26, 1923, in New York, her father, Daniel, was 38 and her mother, Alice, was 21. She had one son and one daughter with Emmett Leroy 'Red' Pfiel, your GREAT GRANDFATHER. She then married Peter Tropasso in February 1965 in Volusia County, Florida. She then married Alex Milo Gallagher on May 15, 1981, in Orlando, Florida. Cathryn died on April 24, 1984, in Orlando, Florida, at the age of 60.

Your Great Grandfather, Emmett Leroy "Red" Pfiel is buried at Good Shepherd Memorial Gardens Ocala, Marion County, FL.  He served in WWII and his grave reflects this by an inscription:  PVT 1/C 6th Corp Artillery Batt, WWII.


Your Grandfather, Douglas Daniel Pfiel died in Orlando in 1980.



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