Tuttle and Drew Families of Maine

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Richard Otis m. Rose Stoughton  (My 9th GGrandparents)

Ensign John Tuttle m. Judith Otis
(My 8th GGrandparents)

James Tuttle m. Mary Allen
(My 7th GGrandparents)

James Tuttle Jr. m. Mary Hayes
(My 6th GGrandparents)

Esther Tuttle m. Israel Drew (My 5th GGrandparents)

Rozina Drew m. Edward Page Dearborn
(My 4th GGrandparents)

John B. Dearborn m. Betsy Randall Brackett

Rosina Dearborn m. LaForest Titcomb

Mertie Titcomb m.  Albert Rudolf Bennett

Charles Albert Bennett m. Esther Beach Eaton



Richard Otis married Rose Stoughton (My 9th GGrandparents)

Richard Otis was born 1626 in Glastonbury, Somerset, England and his wife to-be Rose Stoughton was born 1 Nov. 1629 in Stoughton, England. She was his first wife and we know that she died before November 5, 1677 as that was the date he married his second wife named Shuah (Sarah?) Heard. His third wife was Grizzel Warren whom he married about 1685.

Rose and Richard both immigrated separately to America, then married, and had children.

New Hampshire is where their daughter Judith Otis was born and ultimately married Ensign John Tuttle.

Richard was a blacksmith who immigrated in May 1655 to Boston, but settled in Dover after disagreements with the established Boston church. He would "miss" church and they would make him appear in "court" often. Rose was the daughter of Anthony, a staunch Puritan. 

Four years after Richard married Grizzel in 1685, his garrison was attacked on June 28, 1689, by Indians.  He was forced to admit to treachery and was murdered! The same happened to others in his family, except for Grizzel Otis and three older daughters and some of Richard's grandchildren who were captured by the Indians.

Cocheco Massacre at Dover, New Hampshire on June 28, 1689


In 1689 Cocheco Settlement NH became filled with Indians, over 400 Indians, who were anxious about menacing feelings regarding the confederation of Indian tribes, many from MA, battling the settlers from England. Living with the local tribe, some were unknown to one another, others were Wonalancets.  They were there to "trade."


As you can imagine, this many hostile Indians congregating in Cochecho must have been very troubling for the English residents. The local Indians even tried to warn Major Walderne of an imminent massacre.  Many or most or all settlers took shelter at the blockhouse nightly.  During the day, they kept weapons near them while farming, etc.  Braggart Walderne put down the fears of others claiming he could have a militia ready rapidly.  News traveled slow back then and his words were meaningless rather than meaningful.


Governor William Bradford (his wife Alice Southworth Bradford through her first husband is part of my proven Mayflower lineage) dispatched a letter to Walderne on June 27, stating "Some Indians . . . report that there is a gathering of Indians in or about Penacook with the design of mischief to the English...they have a particular design against yourself and Mr. Peter Coffin which the Council thought it necessary ...to give you notice that you take care of your own Safeguard, they intending to endeavor to betray you on a pretention of Trade."


The letter did not arrive until one day after the Massacre!


23 were killed; 29 captured as revenge by the Indians.  The long worked-for peace with the Penacook tribe was crushed!


Several of the Indian women asked to be sheltered at each of the garrison houses on June 27, a not uncommon peacetime practice.  But these were not peacetimes.


The morning of the 28th, these women opened the garrison doors to find several hundred Penacooks at the gates.


Major Walderne's (Waldron) Garrison: 

Indians charged into Major Walderne's garrison who did not have his sword in hand. The Indians tied him to a chair. Dishonesty towards the Indians was a deeply held  grudge harbored by the Indians who in retaliation  attacked the elderly 74 year old merchant.  Walderne was known to overly hold the scales intentionally down  when trading. Fury erupted as the Pencooks slashed his chest which screaming "I cross out my account!"  Then his nose and ears were hacked off and forced into his mouth.  They they forced him upon his own sword.  After he was dead, they then chopped off his "heavy" trading hand, burned down his home, and murdered or took captive the rest of the Walderne's family.   


Richard Otis' Garrison:

One of the five (of 50) targeted hilltop garrisons built during King Philip's War was the home of Richard Otis. The Indians slayed Richard and his son Stephen and daughter Hannah. 


By now Richard was married to is third wife, Grizel or Grizzel.  They had a baby, 3 month old Margaret, and two of Richard's grandchildren, Nathaniel and Stephen Jr.  Grizel and the children were taken captive to Canada where she became a Catholic. 


Richard Otis' family that were forced to Canada, primarily remained there.  His wee daughter  Margaret was ultimately rechristened Christine by French nuns who raised her in Quebec.  Christine married a Frenchman (Canadian?).  He died.  She wed a young officer from Massachusetts.  Richard's wife Grizel was re-baptised as Marie Madeleine and she married Philippe Robitaille of Montreal.


When Margaret/Christine was 45, she went to Dover, again, and opened a tavern.


Also taken were Judith, Experience, and Rose Otis.


Judith is my 8th Great Grandmother .  Rose, Esperance, and  Judith were later rescued a few days later in Conway! Judith went on to marry Ensign John Tuttle, my 8th Great Granddad.


EXPERIENCE:  Experience was born on Nov 7, 1666; She married Samuel Heard and later Rowland Jenkins.  Experience was attacked by Indians in 1696!  She was scalped, but managed to live long enough to give birth to a child.


ROSE: Stayed in Canada and married Jean Poitevin in 1696 and they had 10 children.



Ensign John Tuttle m. Judith Otis (My 8th GGrandparents)

John Killed by Indians while at his sawmill.  He was 41 years old.

Ensign Tuttle was cut off in the prime of life by the hand of the 'Indian enemy.'  On the seventh of May, 1712, while attending to some business at his mill, on the upper falls of the Cocheco, accompanied by his eldest son Thomas, John was suddenly set upon by a party of marauding Indians, overpowered and slain.  Thomas, his son, escaped."  The day before this incident, another settler, John Cromit, was scalped.  Ensign Tuttle's wife, Judith, was thus left a widow with 6 children.  Judith was born in 1667 and as a child survived the "Great Massacre in Dover" in 1689, when most of her family was killed by the Indians and she and two sisters had been carried off by them, but were rescued by soldiers at Conway and returned to Dover. " Resource: Google books on Tuttle Family.

Tuttle John (3)


Cpl. James Tuttle m. Mary Allen
(My 7th GGrandparents)

Rev. War Continental Army Cpl, Long's Regiment, NH

Born Feb. 9, 1711 Dover, NH and died July 9, 1790 NH

James lived on the west side of Back River, within a few rods of his brother Thomas. He was a man of great energy and enterprise; and, at the time of his death, the greatest land owner in Dover.

During the Revolutionary War he served in Long's Regiment of the Continental Army in New Hampshire.

He and wife Mary Allen Tuttle had many children, the 10th of whom was my 6th Great Grandfather Andrew Tuttle who married Esther .


ames Tuttle Jr. m. Mary Hayes??? (My 6th GGrandparents)

James Tuttle was born April 7th 1753 in Dover NH. 

 James died in Athens Maine on 9 Jul 1790.  He married Mary Nute.

Their ninth child was Esther Tuttle who was born on August 8, 1790, in Barrington, NH. 

Esther Tuttle m. Sgt. Israel Drew

 (My 5th GGrandparents)


Esther Drew was born  August 8 in 1790 in Barrington, Strafford NH and was about 20 when she married Edward Page Dearborn. She died July 21 1862 in Athens, Somerset, ME. She was in her 70s.

Israel Drew was born 10 years earlier on April 16, 1780 in NH.  He died on January 14 1879 in Athens Maine...E AT THE AGE OF 99!!

They married on October 10, 1808. She was about 18 and he about 28.

War of 1812:  He served as a Sgt. in Capt. Asa Fletcher's Co. in the Mass. Mil from Sept 26, 1814 to Nov. 10, 1814.  A few months near the war's end. 

Israel and Esther Tuttle Drew had many children, the second child being my ancestor,

 ROZINA DREW, b. 12 Dec 1810, Athens, ME; d. 08 Oct 1900, Corinna, ME

Rozina Drew m. Edward Page Dearborn (My 4th GGrandparents)

Rozina Drew was born 12 Dec 1810 in St. Albans, Somerset, ME.
She died Oct 8, 1900 in Corinna, Penobscot, ME.  She was almost 90 when she died.

Rozina married Edward Page Dearborn who was born on April 8, 1808 in Monmouth, Kennebec County, ME. He died on 29 Jan 1885 in Corinna, ME also.  He was almost 77 years of age.

In the 1850 Census for Athens, Maine, Edward Page Dearborn and his wife Rosina (Daughter #2 above) are living with many of their children.  Edward is supporting the family as a blacksmith.  

In 1860 Census for Athens, Maine, James and Harriett E. Drew Leavitt  (daughter #12 above) own a farm.  They are 32 and 29 respectively and have two small children, Ella who is 7 and Harriet who is a 3-year old toddler.  Living with them also is Harriet's father, Israel Drew who is 73, mother Esther Tuttle Drew who is 70, and a Betsey Dearborn is listed as a "Domestic". 

In 1870 Census for Athens, Maine, James and Harriett E. Drew Leavitt are still farming. They are now 42 and 40 respectively and daughter Ella is 16 and Hattie is 13. They now have more children:  Israel, age 8, and James M. age 2.  Harriett's father is still alive at age 82 and is living with them.  He is shown as born in NH.  His wife is deceased, having died in 1862. 

In 1870 Census for CORRINA, Maine, Edward Page Dearborn and Rosina Drew Dearborn are now 62 and 60.  Edward is farming.  Living with them are their son, Edward Marshall Dearborn, age 35 and his wife Martha, who is 21 (?) and their child, Clarence who is 2 (born in 1867). Edward Marshall is also listed as farming.  Another son, David Page Dearborn is living with them and farming also.  David's wife, Olivia D. is 30; David is 33.  David and Olivia have a son William who is 8 and a son Edward P. who is 2.  All were born in Maine.


Gravestone of Rozina D. Dearborn AND husband Edward Page Dearborn at Morse's Corner Cemetery in Corinna, ME:.  Rozina died October 8, 1900 in Corinna. Inscription: Rozina D., wife, died Oct 8, 1900 aet 89yrs 9mos 26dys

Inscription: Edward P. Dearborn, died Jan 29, 1885 aet 76yrs 9mos 21dys

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Rozina's son Edward M. Dearborn, b. 1/21/1835; d. 5/10/1903, Nutter Cem; Corrina

Edward's wife Martha A. Sawyer Dearborn, b. 4/27/1839; d. 3/26/1912

Ed and Martha'sChildren:
  Wallace Guy Dearborn (1864 - 1870)*
  Clarence L. Dearborn (1868 - 1939)*


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