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DNA Durham Pippin


See Durham & DeSpain for a multitude of current and previous generation information. 

VIOLET DESPAIN Durham & DeSpain would grow up to marryTHOMAS JEFFERSON DURHAM and give birth to Bruce Edward Durham who would marry a PIPPIN.

DURHAM Generation No. 8 (1900s)


MILDRED LAFAYE PIPPIN was the daughter of ELBERT LEE PIPPIN and granddaughter of HENRY McCARVER "MACK" PIPPIN.    She married BRUCE EDWARD DURHAM, son of THOMAS DURHAM and VIOLET DESPAIN. He was born 31 Oct 1927 in Wichita, KS, and died 12 Oct 1964 in Orlando (Orange County) FL.  

Mildred LaFaye Pippin  (Great Grandmother of my grandchildren) was born on August 30 in the depression year of 1929 in Wichita KS to parents Elbert Lee and Mildred Jane Johnson Pippin.  Mildred LaFaye was the granddaughter of Henry McCarver "Mack" or "Max" Pippin and his wife Mary Walker. 

Mildred LaFaye married Bruce Edward Durham around 1944 in FL and they would have 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters.  When she gave birth to their oldest son and first child, Reuben Lee Durham, Mildred LaFaye was a mere 14 years old, a child herself almost!!  They were living in Arkansas at that time. 

Bruce Edward Durham (Great Grandfather of my grandchildren) was born on Halloween in Wichita in 1927.  He was the son of Thomas Jefferson and Violet M. Despain Durham.  Bruce would only live until October 12, 1964, when he would pass away from complications of diabetes while living in Orlando, Orange County, FL.

Grave of Bruce Edward Durham is located in Kississimee FL at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Osceola County.  He is located in Plot 1 73 3 C.

Following this devastating loss, Mildred LaFaye would marry a year later to Charles Russell Rigdon, in 1965.  This marriage was short lived and ended in divorce.  She married Ronald D. Coiner in 1968.  Mildred LaFaye Coiner died on December 1, 2010.  She shares a stone with Ronald D. per ArkansasGravestones.org.


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Mildred LaFaye and Bruce Durham's 5 children are

Reuben Lee Durham 1945-1999; died age 53
Inscription ON MEMORIAL AT Resthaven Gardens Cemetery IN OK CITY, OK: 
In grateful remembrance of those who are laid to rest here. They bequeathed their mortal remains to further medical education and research in Oklahoma.

Charles Edward "Chucky" Durham 1947-2000

From findagrave:  Elm Creek Cem. in Arkansas

Plus three living children, 2 girls and 1 boy






    MILDRED LaFAYE'S GRANDPARENTS (3rd GGrandparents of my Grandchildren)

3Henry McCarver "Mack" "Max" Pippin, a farmer, was Mildred's grandfather.  He was born in Tennessee, as were his parents, on the 29th of December in 1872.  Mack lived until June 13, 1955 when he passed away in Wichita KS. 

Mary J. Walker was Mildred's grandmother.  Mary was born on the 22nd of February in the same year as Mack, 1872...so she was a few months older than he.  She too was born in Tennessee, but Mary's mom was born in NC, and her dad in TN.    Mary died before Mack.  She passed away in Wichita on the 2nd of March in 1938, about 17 years before he died.   Both are buried at Highland Cemetery in Wichita.  He is in Plot 5 185 2.  She is in Plot 5 185 3.

Mack and Mary married January 12, 1892 in Putnam TN.

By 1910 (Census for Fannin, Bonham County, TX) we know that they are now a family of 10, with 8 children; one child died before the 1910 census.   A large farming family.   Son Elbert would become Mildred LaFaye's dad; and his siblings were her various aunts and uncles. 1910 Census:

By 1920 (Census for Fannin, Bonham County, TX) we realize that Mack and Mary are approaching their 50s.  Living with them are "Comer D." age 18; Robert E, 16; Elbert, 10; Alvin 8.  Also three daughters, Cora B. 14; Fannie M.12 ; Bessie, 6 and Single.   laborer.  1920 Census:




In the 1939 City Directory for Wichita KS, H. Mack Pippin is listed as a carpenter with their home at 447 N. Main.


Their son Henry was born shortly after their marriage, in 1892 or 93 in TN.

Their son Charles D. Pippin, known as "Charlie" was born about 1895 in TN. Charles D. Pippin is married to a "Grace" and is a building contractor living at 2812 E lst. per the 1937 Wichita City Directory. 

Their daughter Sallie was born about 1898 in TN.

Their son Comer Douglas was born after the turn of the century, on October 3rd, 1901 in TN.   Uncle Comer married twice.  It appears he married first to Othel A. Jenkins in 1927 when he was about 26.  Othel was born in Fannin TX on March 19 in 1907.  Then he married "Grace" who was born Feb 1 1900. 

Interestingly, Uncle Comer died  26 Jun 1972 in Wichita KS at the age of 70.  His death report lists his wife as Grace as still living.  Grace went on to live until Christmas Eve in 1992 when she passed away in Wichita.  Othel died in 1993, after Aunt Grace's death.  It appears that Othel and Comer may have divorced and then he married Grace.   Comer is buried at Highland Cemetery in Wichita KS also, in Plot 4 213 6A.  Grace lays beside him in Plot 4 213 6. 

Per the 1930 Census and the Wichita City Directory of 1937, Comer works with Alvin at the Coleman factory. By 1939's city directory, Comer is a plumber and he and Othel are living at S. Santa Fe Ave in Wichita.

Comer Douglas Pippin Report of Death in the Eagle-Beacon 1972 from the Wichita State University Libraries' Dept. of Special Collections:

Report of death Monday of Comer D. Pippin, 70, of 1043 Jefferson, retired plumber.  Survived by his widow, Grace, three brothers (named -- none in Wichita), three sisters including Mrs. Bessie Conley and Mrs. Fannie Jones, of Wichita. Highland Cemetery.

Sometime between 1900 and 1907, Mack and Mary moved from Tennessee to Texas where they had more children, including Elbert of our personal line.

3Their daughter Cora B. was born FEB. 6, 1906 IN FANNIN TX. This 3rd Great Aunt died November 25, 1980 in Springfield, Greene, MO.  SHE MARRIED JESSE JAMES JOHNSON who was known as "JAKE".


Their daughter Fannie was born about 1908 in TX.  She married a Mr. Jones.

3Their son Elbert Lee Pippin, Mildred's dad  (This line's Great Great Grandfather!) was born about October 6, 1909 in TX.  Elbert died  21 Mar 1991, Rogers, Arkansas.






Mack and Mary J.'s son Robert E. Pippin:

Their son, Robert E. was born about 1904 in TN.  He may have been the child that died before the 1910 census.

Mack and Mary J.'s had other children:

Their son Alvin Pippin was born about 1912 in TX.  Uncle Alvin married a Dorothy.  Per the 1930 census he was a laborer working in brick home construction.  He and Dorothy lived at 1702 S. St. Francis Ave. in Wichita in 1937 and two years later they have moved to 1321 S. Wichita St.  In 1937 Alvin is working in the factory at the Coleman Lamp and Stove Co.

Their daughter Bessie Pippin was born Sept. 3 in 1913 in Texas per the 1920 census..  Per the 1930 census, however, she was born in "Oklahoma." She married a Mr. Conley;  Bessie got her social security card in Kansas.  Aunt Bessie died on the same day and date she was born on, Sept. 3, in the year 1997.   She was 84 years old.



MILDRED LaFAYE'S PARENTS (Great Grandparents of my Grandchildren)

3 Elbert Lee Pippin was born in TX in 1909 and ultimately died in Rogers, Arkansas on 21 March 1991.  These Pippins liked to move around! 


Per the 1920 census, Elbert lived in Fannin, Texas.  Elbert married his bride, Mildred Jane Johnson in 1928. 

3Mildred Jane was the daughter of James Thomas Johnson and his wife Easter Lavinia Christopher - what an unusual name! Mildred J. was born on the 28th of May in 1912 in OK.  She died on May 28 in 1999 in Rogers, AR...about eight years after she lost Elbert Lee.  She is buried in Elm Springs Arkansas.



When first married, Elbert and Mildred Jane lived with his folks, Mack and Mary at 1844 Silver St. in Wichita, KS.  This is a home that Mack rents.  Elbert in the 1930 census is listed as 19 and Mildred as "17."  Elbert and Mildred Jane married when she was 16 and he 19.  This census of 1930 lists Elbert and Mildred as both being born in Texas, with her parents from Oklahoma and Elbert's from Tennessee.  1930:

Elbert and Mildred Jane enjoyed being a family.  They had 3 daughters.

Their daughter Mildred LaFaye Pippin  (Great Grandmother of my grandchildren) was born on August 30 in the depression year of 1929 in Wichita KS.  She would marry Bruce Edward Durham around 1944 in FL and they would have 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters.  When she gave birth to their oldest son and first child, Reuben Lee Durham, Mildred LaFaye was a mere 14 years old, a child herself almost!!  They were living in Arkansas. 





In 1937, Mildred and Elbert Lee are living in Wichita KS at 1702 S. St. and Francis Av.  Elbert is employed as a surveyor.   Note:  I do not know who Edward and Winnie Pippin are in the 1937 City Directory: 

NOTE:  Two of the sons are working at the Coleman factory in 1937 and 1939.  In 1938 Elbert L. is also working at Coleman!  A family affair!!

In the 1939 City Directory, Elbert is a machine operator and they live at 1109 S. Fern Avenue.  These Pippins keep on a-moving!




Grave of Mildred Johnson Pippin and Elbert Lee Pippin.  According to this, Elbert was born on 10/6/1909 and Mildred Jane Johnson Pippin was born May 28 1912  in Oklahoma and died in Rogers Arkansas in 1991.  This tombstone is located in Elm Springs, Washington County, Arkansas. Mildred was the daughter of James Thomas and Easter Lavinia Christopher Johnson.  Elbert is the son of H. M. Pippin and his wife Mary Pippin.   



    For more updated information on the Easter and George Native American line, See:


    The Christopher Family Line:  Mildred Johnson Pippin's Mom, Easter Lavinia Christopher was born on May 8th in 1881 in Arkansas.  She died on 24 November 1966 in Tulare, CA but is buried at Elm Springs Cemetery in Arkansas along with her husband, James Thomas Johnson (1876-1965). 

    Easter is the daughter of George Christopher, a full blooded indian of the Cherokee tribe.  George delivered mail via horseback on his route from Searcy to Little Rock, Arkansas. 

    George braided his hair and wore a leather band around his head.  He also made American Indian pottery which he would then sell by the roadside.

    In their later years, George and his wife Lizzie moved closer to his daughter's Easter's family.  Their mode of transportation?  Covered wagons!  George then helped farm for several years. 


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