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Click HERE for the amazing story written by Mike Brimer of how Hans Brimer came to America with Mennonites on the Ship Hope



IMMIGRANT ANCESTOR from Palantine State of Germany

1706:    "Hans Michael Jurig Brimer" was born in Palatinate State of Germany in 1706. 
NOTE:  Pa·lat·i·nate  Either of two historical districts and former states of southern Germany. The Lower Palatinate is in southwest Germany between Luxembourg and the Rhine River; the Upper Palatinate is to the east in eastern Bavaria. They were once under the jurisdiction of the counts palatine, who became electors of the  Holy Roman Empire in 1356 and were then known as electors palatine.  Click on Map for 1648 Germany č


Click HERE for the amazing story written by Mike Brimer of how Hans Brimer came to America with Mennonites on the Ship Hope

1733 August 28:  IMMIGRATION / LANDING IN AMERICA.   27 year old "Hans Michael Jurig Brimer" emigrated from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to the Port of Philadelphia on the London-based Ship "Hope" in August 1733.  List of foreigners imported in the ship Hope, of London, Daniel Reed, Master, from Rotterdam. Click for Qualified List of Passengers on Aug. 28, 1733.  Hans was the only Brimer/Briner on this passenger list.  Click HERE for the Ship Hope List in a different format. 

1733 August 28:  Three passenger documents were turned over. Hans swore allegiance to the crown, and renounced all allegiance to the Pope and the Stuarts.  However, he used his "anglicized" name of Georg Brimmer. 


1735 July 26:  Charleston SC Gazette article told of the first “organized” movement of settlers into the Orangeburg district. It described the arrival of 220 German-Swiss, who were going up the Edisto river at government expense with provisions for one year.  ====================>

1735:    Hans arrived in South Carolina at the newly forming settlement of Orangeburg along the Edisto River in 1735. His wife is unknown.  May have married in Philadelphia.   Son, Benjamin Brimer, was born in 1733 but do not know where (PA or SC?).  All new Orangeburg settlers were to be provided a lot in the newly forming town, plus farmland of 50 acres per family member, tools and food for 1 year. Likely there was a second child as Hans was granted 50 acres per family member and received 200 acres.

To encourage settlement, the General Assembly of the Province of South Carolina in 1730 made the area into a township in the shape of a parallelogram 15 x 5 miles. In 1735, a colony of 200 Swiss, German and Dutch immigrants formed a community near the banks of the North Edisto River. The site was attractive because of the fertile soil and the abundance of wildlife. The river provided an outlet to the port of Charleston for the agriculture and lumber products. The town soon became a well-established and successful colony, composed chiefly of small farmers."

First Settlers č



1735-1765: LAND GRANTS:  Hans Michael Jurig Brimer awarded two (2) properties as a new settler in 1735 - Lot 170 in town, and 200 acres of farmland. (reference Council journal, 17 Sept 1736 – plat 13:337; grant 34-454).  Hans was an original land grant recipient of  Lot 170, Windsor Street, in the Town of  Orangeburg which he owned from September 24, 1735 to his death, believed to be in 1765).





Sept. 1735:    200 acre and 100 acre plat book deed copy:



Personal Observation of Mike Brimer:  Per The First Settlers on the North Fork of the Edisto River, SC Brimer's land was in the North Fork area.  Records were destroyed in 1865 at the courthouse.  However, we know the township of Orangeburg was established in 1735 "as a result of an Act to promote settlement of foreign Protestants in the Province."  Hans Brimer is listed as one of these men.   

Personal Observation of Mike Brimer: Hans' Lot 170 was located on the original SW corner of Fenwick and Windsor Streets.  Over time, Windsor renamed to Henley, and the portion of the original Windsor street that went along the side of Lot 170 has since been abandoned back to the property owner, and no longer exists.

GPS Coordinates per Mike Brimer:
Town lot 170 Southwest corner of original Windsor and Fenwick (now named Hunley Street) 33.29,22.21 N / 80.52.0917W

Map of Historic Orangeburg, showing Lot 170 on Windsor Street:

FARM:  He was also received land grant of 200 acres of farmland.

Personal Observation of Mike Brimer: I was told that immigrants were granted 50 acres per family member.  Hans got 200 acres.  My under-standing is that there are early records showing there were four in his family by 1735.   The Brimer farm property is the property behind the Zaley's.  A couple of the maps cut his property into 2 pieces and once fit together, you'll get a complete layout of the farm land

GPS Coordinates per Mike Brimer:
Farm land (200 acres) now part of the Orangeburg Country Club golf course at 2745 Griffith Drive, Orangeburg, SC.
Grid coordinate: N / 80.54.28 .09 W (approximate as of this time, to be reviewed for accuracy)



1765:  Hans died in Orangeburg County, SC in 1765 or thereabouts.  Burial site unknown.

Personal Observation of Mike Brimer:  No records available on who is buried in the pioneer cemetery.   All wooden markers pulled and used for firewood during Civil War period. Hans may also have been buried on the farm property which is now apparently part of the country club golf course (to be verified).  Also, when talking to the Historical Society folks, they don't think the cemetery was actually created until 2nd generation settlers began to die.  There are no written records that they can find on the original settlers burial locations. To commemorate those pioneers for whom they do have notes of their passing, the society has  erected a spire inside the cemetery.   Another difficulty is that a brick building was built over a corner part of the original cemetery.  During construction, various bones were discovered, but construction continued. Another difficulty is that in later years, they moved a house onto the cemetery grounds (see picture of cemetery with white house).  It could actually be sitting over several grave sites.  No one has done a ground penetrating radar study of the area to try to actually map out gravesites.   So, I am not sure if  Hans Michael was buried in the cemetery location or out on the farm property....which means he could be buried under the golf course! 

GPS Coordinates per Mike Brimer:
A pioneer cemetery is located at the corner of Bull and Middleton in the old original Orangeburg area. GPS Coordinate: 33.49231N / 80.86803W. 

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OUR LINE:  TO GEN. #2:  Benjamin Brimer (m. Rebecca Will) Hans' Son

OUR LINE:  TO GEN. #3:  William BrimerTwin (m. Eliz. Elgin) Hans' Grandson 
                                          Wm Brimer Kids Children of Wm & Eliz. Elgin Brimer

   TO GEN. #3:  Jesse BrimerTwin (m. Eleanor     Hans'Grandson

   TO GEN. #3:  Joseph BrimerBrother of William & Jesse Brimer; m. Celia Heard; Hans' Grandson

OUR LINE:  TO GEN. #4:  John & Sally Brimer Includes:
    OUR LINE: GEN. #4  John Brimer and Sally Parrott(e) of TN - Hans' GGrandson 
    OUR LINE: GEN. #5  Vineyard Rhoten "Rip" Brimer & Rhoda Miller of  TN - Hans' GGGrandson 
    OUR LINE: GEN. #6  George Washington Brimer & Emmaline Mount of TN - Hans' 4th GGrandson 
    OUR LINE: GEN. #7  Cora Eliza Brimer & John Wesley Russell of TN -  Hans' 5th GGranddaughter         

MIKE's LINE: TO GEN. #4: William S. Brimer  Hans' GGrandson
MIKE's LINE: GEN. #5  John Stewart BrimerJohn Stewart Brimer & Sparks Sisters of MO - Hans' GGGrandson 
 GEN. #6  
Stephen R. Brimer Stephen R. Brimer & Willa Angelina Inlow of MO - Hans' GGGGrandson 
 GEN. #7  Paul Tinsley BrimerPaul T. Brimer and Darlene Daniel of MO - Hans' GGGGGrandson

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Modern Day View of Lot 170

Golf Course which was originally Brimer's 200 acres at least in part.

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