Bernice Cator is part of our paternal direct line.  She and Charles Thomas Hill Sr. were the parents of an important family member.  This line is added to the Our Hills in order to further explore this ancestry.

Ralphael Neale and Mrs. Jane Baker Forman.

Ralphael and Jane Neale lived in England.  Their son, James, was born Drury Lane, London.


Basilius Waring &     Anna Perche

Capt. Sampson Waring &  Sara Leigh

Basil Waring (1) & Sarah Marsham

Marsham Waring & Henrietta Boarman

Basil (Roman Basil) Waring & Susanna Darnall

Henry Waring & Millicent Brooke

Matilda Millicent Waring & John Oswald Hill

John Oswald Hill, Jr. & Henrietta Maria Hurtt

Thomas Domick Hill & Anna Gertrude Greenfield

Charles Thomas Hill & Bernice Lucille Cator


Capt. James Neale (O'Neale) & Anna Maria Gill

Drawing of Wolleston Manor, from an article by The Montgomery County Historical Society
Junction of  Wicimoca and Potomac Rivers; burned down in early 1900s

Capt. James Neale was born in 1615 Warnford, Hampshire, England.  He immigrated to America in approximately 1636 or 37.  He married Anna Maria Gill, daughter of Benjamin Gill and wife Mary Mainwaring Gill.  The Capt. died March 29, 1684 at Wollaston Manor of Charles, MD.  Anna Maria Gill was born in 1624 in Spain and sailed to America with her family headed by Benjamin Gill in 1642, a few years after James had landed. 

James and Anna had Wolleston Manor built in Charles, Maryland on 2000 acres which he received the patent for in 1642 requested by Lord Baltimore and arranged for and surveyed by his brother Governor Leonard Calvert.  Wolleston Manor is named in honor of his grandfather's home in Northamptonshire, England where his grandfather was a Lord.

America was American Indian land in the 1600s and Capt. Neale found trade with them.  He was a member of the Privy Council, a Magistrate, Deputy Governor, and was Commissioner of the Treasury for the colony.  He was an envoy to Spain for several years and some of their children were born there.

He and Anna Maria Gill and their family resided at 'Wollaston Manor' in Charles County, Maryland. Below is a contract for building The Wollaston Manor.  Anna and James' children were Maryland's first naturalized citizens as British subjects who were born in Spain and live now in America

Contract for the building of Wolleston Manor:
It is condiconed & agreed betweene James Neale, Esqr of the one party francis West of ye other party as followeth, ye said francis West doth hereby promise & oblige himself to build for ye said James Neale on his plantacon on Wollaston manor one house of forty foote long & twenty five foote wide framed worke to bee nine foote betweene ye groundsill & Wall plate & all ye groundsills to bee of Locust wood ye Lower part to bee divided into five Roomes wth two chimnies below & one snall chimnye above And build to it a proch ten foote long & eight foote wide ye Loft to bee layed wth sawed wood And to build two Dormer windowes above & other window at ye end of ye left And to point all Windowes & Dores below Stayres & all Compleatly finished except ye covering & weather board-ing for & in consideration whereof I ye sayd James Neale doe oblige myself to furnish ye said ffrancis West Meate Drinke & Lodging dureing ye time of ye building ye said House & to allow him two servants namely my boy John ye Dutchman & ye other John which I have hired by Captn ffednall to doe all such workes Concerning ye said building as ye said francis shall appointe or Command them & not to bee hindered by mee ye said James Neale in Doeing any other worke & further I doe oblige myself my heires & Executors to pay ye said francis West three thousand five hundred pounds weight of tobco & Caske ye one halfe to be payd at or before ye feast of ye Nativitie of our Lord next ensueing And ye other halfe at ye finishing of ye worke.

In Witness whereof ye parties aforesaid have hereunto put theire hands this 22d Day of July, 1661.  And ye said ffrancis West not to goe off ye plantacon of James Neale to worke or build till the worke bee fully furnshed. 
James Neale 
ffrancis West 
Testes Wiliam Bretton  John Leeke 
feb ye 4th 1661 This condition was Recorded.

In England James Neale was a purser for King Charles I who was married to Queen Henrietta Maria of Spain.  James married Ann Gill who was a Lady-in-Waiting to King Charles' wife, Queen Henrietta Maria. After King Charles I was beheaded, his wife Henrietta Maria returned to Spain. 

James and Ann had a daughter names Henrietta Maria and the Queen was her godmother.  James and Ann traveled to America where their daughter married a Lloyd.  Per Cary Zichos, the name Henrietta Maria has been in each generation to date.


Will of Anne Neale of Charles County, MD:


Anthony Neale & Elizabeth Digges

Anthony Neale was born on June 5th in 1660 in Spain; he died 12 July 1723 in Charles.   He married (1) Elizabeth Johnson with whom he had no children (2) Elizabeth Roswell about 1681 with whom he had no children (3) Elizabeth (Page?) Digges who was born between 1674 and 1685 in Charles.  She died in 1723 in Benedict, Charles County, MD. 

Anthony and Elizabeth Digges Neale married about 1702 in Charles and had a known son, Edward Digges Neale, born 1704 in Charles; died 29 Dec 1760 in Queen Anne, Prince George's County, MD. 

In 1666 Anthony's father, James Neale petitioned for the naturalization of four of his children who were born in Spain during his residence there. One of these children was Anthony Neale. The petition was granted the next year.

Edward Digges Neale & Mary Lowe

Edward Digges Neale was born 1704 in Charles, MD;  he died 29 Dec 1760 in Queen Anne, Prince George's County, MD.   He married Mary who died in 1760.  Together they had a daughter Martha Neale who married Francis Hall in 1760, the same year that Martha's mom died.




Martha Neale & Francis Hall

Martha  Neale was born on on the last day of December in 1737 in Queen Anne's Parish of Prince George's County in MD.  Martha married Francis Hall in 1760.  She passed away on May 31, 1789 in Queenstown, Queen Anne's County, MD.    His second wife was Anne Hawkins.

Francis Hall was born in December of 1732 in Pleasant Hill, PGC, MD.  He died 13 Feb. 1789 in Queen Anne, PGC, MD. 

Francis and Martha Neale Hall had a daughter Henrietta Maria Hall who was born in 1773 in PGC, MD who married Henry Waring in 1793.  She died on 14 Feb 1795 in Marlboro, PGC, MD. 

Her husband Francis was considered to be a somewhat newcomer to the gentry.  He was a 4th generation Marylander.  Francis' grandfather converted to the Roman Catholic faith and Francis' father studied at St. Omers.  Francis and his wife lived on his plantation "Bolingly" in PGC.  Francis also ran a store, represented the county in the Lower House of Maryland, attended conventions during the 1770s/80s.  He sent two sons to Georgetown University; Richard and Francis, Jr.

During the War of 1812, a portrait of Martha Neale Hall was in the Bolingly home.  The British ransacked the home and "thrust their bayonets through a handsome portrait" of the family's ancestor Martha Neale Hall.  They set the wheat fields afire and destroyed many valued items in the home.

Henrietta Maria Hall & Henry Waring

Henrietta Maria was born in 1773 in PGC, MD.  She died on Valentine's Day in 1795 in Marlboro, PGC, MD.  Henrietta married Henry Waring in 1793.  Henry was born in the same place and year as Henrietta.  He died many years after she did, on October 11, 1835 in Georgetown.

Henry and Henrietta had a daughter Henrietta Maria Susanna Waring (see next generation)

Henrietta Maria Susanna Waring  & Edward Dominic Young
(Henrietta died when she was 40; Edward when he was 33)

Henrietta Maria Susanna Waring was born on September 18th in 1806 in PGC.  She grew up to marry Edward Dominic Young when she was 20 years old on 10 January 1826 in Upper Marlborough, PGC.   Henrietta Young died on May 27, 1847, too young, in Georgetown. 

Her husband was Edward Dominic Young, son of Nicholas (Digges?) Young and Sarah Fenwick.  Edward was born on Sept. 12 in 1805, a year before the birth of his future wife Henrietta.

Edward and Henrietta had a daughter Mary M. (Maria) Young.  She married almost 10 years after her father's early death when he was but 33 and 2 years after her mom's death at 40.

 (See Next Generation)  

Mary M. "Maria" Young & Dr. Edward Edgar Hurtt

Mary M. (Maria) Young  born in 1829.  She married Dr. Edward Edgar Hurtt on 30 Apr 1849 in White Hall, PGC, MD (Wedding Announcement in Planters' Advocate 5/8/1840)

1850 Census Piscataway, Prince George's, Maryland Sept 3, 1850:  Dr. Edward Hurtt is 23 and his wife is 19.  They have a 9 day old infant, Henrietta Maria Hurtt.  Their real estate is valued at $300.

Dr. and Mrs. Hurtt's daughter Henrietta Maria Hurtt married John Oswald Hill, Jr. in 1872. 


Henrietta Maria  Hurtt & John Oswald Hill, Jr.

Henrietta Maria Hurtt was born in 1850 in Piscataway, PGC, MD. She married JOHN OSWALD HILL Jr. on 17 May 1872. She died before 1900.


Index of Marriage Licenses, Prince George's County, Maryland 1777-1886;



Thomas Domick Hill & Anna Gertrude Greenfield


Charles Thomas Hill & Bernice Lucille Cator


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Capt. James Neale (O'Neale) & Anna Maria Gill

Anthony Neale & Elizabeth (Page?) Digges

Edward Digges Neale & Mary LNU

Martha Neale & Francis Hall

Henrietta Maria Hall & Henry Waring

Henrietta Maria Susanna Waring  & Edward Dominic Young

Mary M. (Maria) Young & Dr. Edward Edgar Hurtt

John Oswald Hill, Jr. & Henrietta Maria Hurtt

Thomas Domick Hill & Anna Gertrude Greenfield

Charles Thomas Hill & Bernice Lucille Cator