New York Southworth Lineage that descends from  Edward and Alice Carpenter Southworth   

 Mayflower lineage
from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins




Edward Southworth, born 1590 in (Salmesbury) England, and Alice Carpenter born 1591 in Wrington, England and died 27 March 1670 in Plymouth.  They married in May 28, 1613 in Leyden Holland. Alice was the daughter of Alexander Carpenter, a prominent member of the Separatist movement (United Brethren) - separating from the Church of England.  Edward did not come to America; he died in 1620 in England, having been married a mere 7 years.   It has been mentioned that the branch of Southworths from which Edward descended died young typically.  He died at 30.  His siblings averaged 33 years of life. 

Edward was born a "gentleman" at Samlesbury, but he was the 7th son, the youngest son, and had to work for his living.  He was a "say weaver" who did not earn a lot of money and he was a Protestant.  The Pilgrims treated Edward as being of a higher social standing, or "well-to-do".  Note: Say Weavers made "say" - used in making table cloths bedding etc.

Edward and Alice had two sons, Constant and Thomas. The widowed Alice Carpenter Southworth journeyed on the Ship Anne, arriving 1623 to marry Governor Bradford.  Alice Southworth left their sons (Constant, 9 and Thomas, 7) in England for schooling.  They may have remained with their Aunt Julia Ann Carpenter who was married to George Morton. They came over to Plymouth with their Aunt Julia in 1628.

Alice remarried to Governor William Bradford, governor of Plymouth Colony, on August 14th, a few days after the ship's landing.  They had three children.


Constant was born in 1614 in Leyden Holland.  Constant Southworth came to Plymouth Colony from England at the age of 18 (1628).  He married Elizabeth Collier, daughter of William Collier, on November 2, 1637 in Duxbury.  Elizabeth was born March 9, 1617 in England.   He died in 1678 and she died several years later in 1682, also in Duxbury, Massachusetts. He became a freeman in 1637; volunteered in the Pequot War in 1637, the same year he married Elizabeth.  He was an Ensign in 1646; a Lt. in 1653.  Member of the Council of War 1658 and 1667.  Constant served as a representative for the Colony for 22 years (1647 to 1669).  Elected as the Assistant 1634-1650.  Treasurer of the Colony 1663-1679.  Commissioner for the United Colonies in 1669.  When he was 61 years old, he was the Commissary General during the King Philip's War.   

See the Mayflower Log HERE



William Southworth, born 1649 in Duxbury MA; died 25 June 1719 in Little Compton, Newport, RI.   married Rebecca Pabodie, his first wife, in 1680.  Rebecca was born in Duxbury on 16 October 1660.  They had children Benjamin, Joseph, Edward, Elizabeth, Alice, Samuel, Nathaniel, Thomas and Stephen.  Rebecca died December 3, 1702 in Little Compton.  He married later to widow Martha (Kirtland Blaque/Blake on November 14, 1705 in Saybrook, Connecticut.  Martha and William had two sons, Gideon and Andrew Southworth.





Mayflower:  John Alden and Priscilla Mullins

Their daughter: Elizabeth Alden married William Pabodie

Their daughter: Rebecca Pabodie married Capt. William Southworth


Nathaniel was born 31 October 1692 (Halloween!) in Little Compton, RI. Nathaniel was a ship's carpenter who went on a voyage to the Mediterranean "to improve his fortunes," and died "lost at sea" on the voyage in 1731.  Mary, daughter of Josiah and Sarah Batt Torrey,  was born 1689 and died in 1768.


Children of Nathan and Mary Southworth:


William was born in 1717 and died in 1806.  William was baptized October 27, 1717 at Bristol, RI.  He and Bathsheba Crandall married on 22 October 1736 in Tolland Connecticut.


William was born on the 18th of October in 1741 in Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut.  He died in 1815.  It is not known when the family moved to NY.

SILAS SOUTHWORTH and wife, EMMA LEE Last Name Unknown

Silas Southworth was born in October 1776 in Rome, Oneida, NY  He died in 1843.  Silas married a woman named Emma Lee (last name unknown) who was born 20 years later in 1786 in England. 

They had three known children:

William J. Southworth born December 6th in 1806 in Queens, NY,  William died on 13 October 1854.

James M. Southworth born April 2nd in 1810 in Queens, NY.  James died in Green Point, Brooklyn in 1878.

Joseph Southworth born October 31st (Halloween!) in 1813, Queens, NY.  Joseph married an Aurelia Cecilia Murdock who was born about 1813 in Queens also.  They married on January 15, 1837 in Queens.




1850 CENSUS  NY NY Ward 13; 7/19/1850:
The members of this family were all born in NY.
James Southworth 39 (born about 1811).  Worked in Ship Dept.
Wife, Eliza is 32 (born about 1818)
Son, William is 8 (born about 1842)
Daughter, Emma is 6 (born about 1844)
James, age 2, born about 1848

Note:  Emma Southworth married 2 July 1863 in Green Point, Brooklyn to George Melton who was born 18 Apr 1843 in La Prairie, Quebec, Canada.  Emma died 19 Nov 1893 evidently at Lorimer St. in Brooklyn.  He died 24 Nov 1923 Brooklyn.  They had 5 children: Mary Melton born 1 May 1864, Lillian born 10 Dec 1867, Martha born 13 Jan 1870, Grace born 19 Sep 1871, and a son George born 25 Sept 1883.

1860 CENSUS Brooklyn NY Kings County
Green Point Post Office, Brooklyn, Ward 17; 6/29/1860:

James and Eliza now have three more children; all born in NY.
James M. Southworth is now 49 (born about 1811) Ship's Carpenter; property values $600 and $200.  His wife Eliza is 42 (born about 1818).  Their children are:
William, age 18 born about 1842.
Mary, age 16 born about 1844 and attends school.   *This is EMMA, 1850 Census.
James, age 12, born about 1848 and attends school.
Maria, age 9, born about 1851 and attends school.
Silas, age 6, born about 1854 (Sept 1853).
Effie, age 1, born about 1859.

1870 CENSUS Brooklyn NY Kings County
Green Point Post Office, Brooklyn, Ward 17; 7/14/1870:

James Southworth is 59 is still married to Eliza, who is 53.  Son Silas is 16 and "works in porcelain".  Daughter Effie is 11 and newest daughter Grace is 8 (born about 1862 NY).  Children William, Mary Emma (married 1863 to Melton), James and Maria Southworth are no longer living at this home with their parents.  



Silas Southworth (POSSIBLY Silas Hiram Southworth), born September 1853 in Brooklyn, NY; Died 30 June 1900 in NY at age 46.  Lived in 1878 at 648 Humboldt St., Brooklyn per Lain's Directory  Silas is the son of James M. Southworth and Eliza Upson (?) Southworth.  James M. was born 4/2/1810 in Queens NY and Eliza was born about 1817.  Silas married Minnie LNU who was born Nov 1862 in Hamburg, Germany.  They had two children, both born in Brooklyn:

  1. Hattie SOUTHWORTH b: Oct 1889
  2. Silas Theron SOUTHWORTH b: 20 Sep 1894

Note that if this is Silas "Hiram" Southworth, he owned a farm in Maspeth, Queens NY

1900 NY Census Brooklyn , Kings, District 234, Ward 16, taken on 6/5/1900.

Silas and Minnie Southworth and their children, Hattie and Silas Southworth.  Head of the family Silas is 46, having been born in September 1853 in NY.  He and his wife have been married for 6 years.  Minnie is 37, born November 1862 in [Hamburg] Germany, to German-born parents.  Minnie does tailoring; Silas does carpentry.  Minnie came to America in 1863 when approximately one year old.   Silas and Minnie were born approximately 1894.  Daughter Hattie was born in October of 1889 and is 10 years old per this census, while son Silas is 5, born September 1894.  Hattie attends school, but Silas does not yet go to school.


Silas T. Southworth (nicknamed "Frank") was born on 9/22/1894 in Brooklyn NY to parents Silas Southworth and Minnie LNU Southworth; he died in 1960.  He married Louise Farll on May 26 1913 in Kings County, NY.  Marriage Certificate # 4779. 

Louise Farll Southworth was the daughter of Frank and Louisa Farll, both born in Germany.  Frank was born March 1866; Louisa was born Apr 1873 in NY. She appears to be the second child in the family born in 1894 in NY, with her oldest sibling having been born in 1892 in Germany and all others in NY.  Likely her family traveled to America between 1892 and 1894 for residency.

Louise Southworth died in 1928 in Brooklyn.  She is buried at the Lutheran Cemetery. Undertaker John G. Lutz & Sons, Fairview Av., Ridgewood, NY.


Silas and Louise Southworth had 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Sons:  William (died in infancy), Alexander, and Silas Southworth. Anna Southworth

Daughters:  Harriett "Hattie" "Pat" Southworth, Anna Southworth, Emma Southworth.

Alexander Southworth was born 15 February 1916 in Brooklyn.  He died January 14, 1985, in Brooklyn, at the age of 68. 

Harriet was a twin, but her brother died at birth (stillborn).  Harriett "Pat" married Daniel Phillips and they had Danny, Susan and Robert. 

Anna married Joe Lupo and had a daughter and son.

Emma married Jerard "Jerry" Pizalarusso; children: Gerard, Diane.

Silas Southworth was born and died in Brooklyn.  B:  17 October 1821; D: 25 Aug 1979 and is buried at Calverton National Cemetery in Calverton, NY.  His mother Louise died shortly after her son Silas recovered from diptheria.  Silas married Josephine Veronica Hahn and had one known child Frank John Southworth who only lived to be 20 (1962-1982).  Burial: Calverton National Cemetery , Calverton. Suffolk County. New York, USA, Plot: 6, 0, 194;  He was a Corporal in the US Army.




When the Registration Cards for WWI were taken (1917-1918), SILAS THERON SOUTHWORTH was 22 (born 9/22/1894), lived on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn, and was a driver for Dugan Bros. at 287 Broadway in Brooklyn.  He lists a wife and child.  His mother "Minnie" is his contact person.   He previously served one year in the US Navy as a "sailor".   Note that his signature is provided in his military documents.

In 1942, the WWII registration cards were taken and Silas completed this one listing that he lived at 100 Grattan St., in Brooklyn.  He is now 47 years old, born 9/20/1894 in Brooklyn. His wife is listed as "Mary"  and he works for Lancup Realty Corp in Brooklyn.

From her granddaughter, I have learned that "Mary" was Mary Elizabeth Southworth, nee Frederick. She died in early 1970s. 

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