Family of Jean Audrey Replogle, wife of Donald Lewis Wolf:
Palatine Area/France (Germany & German Speaking), PA, MI, OH, FL 


Descendants of HANS "Schaffhansel" REBLOGEL

My grandchildren's 9th GGrandparents: HANS "SCHAFFHANSEL" REBLOGEL and Catharina - German Speaking family. The Replogle/Reblogle family is named in Lutheran records to the early 1590s.
All events happened in Soultz Sous Forts, Bas-Rhin, France (Soultz).

Prior to 1620 HANS "SCHAFFHANSEL" REBLOGEL born.  Parents were likely Anstatt and Catharina Reblogel
1625 Future wife Catharina born.
1639 Hans married on October 6 to Catharina Rolle/Solle.  She was 14.  He was at least 19.
1656 Catharina and Hans have a son, Andreas Reblogel.  Catharina died in 1656.
1656/57 Hans died same year or shortly after the death of Catharina.

My grandchildren's 9th GGrandparen
ts: ANDREAS ("Andre") REBLOGEL  and BARBARA LNU - German Speaking family.
Andreas was a burgher, baker; Lutheran.
All events happened in Soultz Sous Forts, Bas-Rhin, France (Soultz).
1656 Andreas Reblogel, "Andre", born to Hans and Catharina.  His future wife Barbara born same year.
1686 Andreas married Barbara LNU.  According to these dates, they were each 30 years old.
1687 1st child, Anna Barbara Margaretha Reblogel born on May 17 1687.  Anna was baptized/christened on 29th of May.
1688 2nd child Philip Reblogel was born July 16, 1688.
1691 3rd child Eva Reblogel (or Maria Eva) born11 Nov.  Christened at the Lutheran church.
1701 4th child Hans Michael Reblogel born 28 Oct.  Hans died young on the 8th day of 1704.
1723 Barbara Reblogel died January 10.
1743 Andreas died at 87 in September.   At the time of his death, he was ill in bed for 4 days and died  and was buried the very next day.


My grandchildren's 8th GGrandparents: PHILIP REBLOGEL and ANNA LOUISA/LUYSSA HUMMEL - German Speaking family.
1688 Philip Reblogle born in Soultz Sous Forts, Bas-Rhin, France on July 16th
  Married 1)  Anna Maria Erhard
1715 Married 2)  ANNA LOUISA/Luyssa HUMMEL.  Philip would have been 27.  Anna and Philip had 12 total children, including   Johann Philipp Reblogel/Replogle b. 1724 - d. 1728 (Died Young) and Philip Reblogel/Replogle b. 1731 d. unknown).   It appears they were 47 (he) and 20 (she) when they married.
1720 Child:  JOHANN REINHARD "RINEHART" REBLOGEL/REPLOGLE  b. Dec 8 1720 in Soultz.  He would immigrate to America and die in 1795 in Bedford PA.
1760 Philip Reblogle died in Soultz on October 27th.

"died of an accident, Philipp Reblogel, a citizen of Soultz, who had been known as a drunkard and this is how the accident happened, for his mind was effected from his drinking. In the evening around 9:00 p.m. he left the inn called Lamm and instead of going home he fell into the water behind G. H. Schneider's house (the tanner), where he was found on the 30th after a long search for his body. His age: 71 years, 3 months, and 12 days.  Witness: Michael Remb, his daughter's husband; Philipp Jacob Hepp, a witn.; Johann Georg Roegler, a witn. Joh. Reinh. Koenig, pastor."  From:   Thomas Zavislak II  

1766 Anna Louisa Hummel Reblogel died on June 13 at age 71 in Soultz


My grandchildren's 7th GGrandparents: JOHANN (John) REINHARD "RINEHART" REBLOGEL/REPLOGLE  and MARIA BARBARA KOENIG - German Speaking family.  Reinhart was a farmer, a
Lutheran and a German Reformed.

1720 Rinehart born Dec 8 in Soultz. Christened 3 days later.
1738 His future wife, MARIA BARBARA KOENIG  born January 27 at Hofen, Bas-Rhin, France; christened Feb 2 1737/38 at Hofen; died after Oct 8, 1785 in Bedford County, PA.)
  Rinehart Replogle, was the progenitor of Replogles of Morrison's Cove and was of German descent.  He settled in what is now Bloomfield township early--probably before the close of the revolution.  He was the great-grandfather of the Replogles of Woodbury township.
1753 Married MARIA BARBARA KOENIG on Oct 8 at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Hanover, York, PA.  Maria was the daughter of Abraham Koenig (who immigrated to America in 1751) and Anna Marien Weymart/Weimer.  
1754 Son John Philip Replogle born in Hanover PA.  He grew up to be a blacksmith and farmer who served in the Revolutionary War.  He married an Anna Maria LNU of Hagerstown MD about 1772.   His second marriage was to an Eleanor McClean born about 1755 in or near Frederick MD;  Eleanor was 33 years old when she married John Philip. John died in DC and is buried at Congressional Cemetery, Christ Protestant Episcopal Church, Wash. DC in plot at Range 28, Site #108.   Sole Replogle burial at this cemetery.
1756 Maria Barbara and Reinhart have a daughter Margaret Replogle born around May in Hanover or Colrain Twp, Bedford, PA. 

Margaret and her future husband Peter Roof (born 1753; d. 1834 were stolen during  indian raids when young.  Peter managed to escape quite quickly, but not Margaret who was a captive for 7 yrs.

CAPTURED BY INDIANS:  According to the DAR, Margaret Replogle (Rephogal) "when a girl of fifteen was stolen by the Indians.  According to "History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, PA, "While he [Rinehart Replogle] was making improvements, one of his daughters [Margaret] was stolen by the Indians who broken in upon a husking party.  She was with the savages a considerable time.  She was urged to marry a young brave, and to avoid such a fate, determined to make her escape.  She managed to elude the vigilance of her captors, and at length found her way home, though almost exhausted by hunger and exposure."   

 1757 Son John Amos Replogle, born about 1757, was  a farmer who also served in Revolutionary War.  He died later than 1790 in Virginia area.     

 Son Rinehart Replogle (Reynard Rephoga) (JR) was born 1759 in PA.  He married Catherine Brown around 1789 in Bedford County, PA. He served as a Private in Captain Patrick Hainey's Company, Bedford County Militia.  (Source: Soldiers of Blair County, The Revolutionary War, Hoenstine, 1940, p. 46.).  Rinehart died 1 Apr 1813 New Enterprise, Bedford, PA. He is buried at Snyder Cemetery with 17 other graves on the Lee Snyder farm near New Enterprise. His gravestone inscription: 

Reynard Rephogal
Pennsylvania Militia
Revolutionary War
Died 1813
The above inscription is cut on a marble monument in a cemetery on the Lee Snyder farm near New Enterprise.
Source: Recollections of Bygone Days in The Cove, By Ella Snowburger. Vol.4 pg.21.

 1767 Daughter Maria Eva Replogle was born May 17 in York, PA; christened same day in Littlestown, York, PA.
1772 Daughter Margaret (previously captive) married Peter Roof (also briefly captive) around 1772 in Frederick MD. 
 Peter Roof served as a Pvt for the PA Troops in the  Revolutionary War.
1777 Indian hostilities were frequent and nearly all residents left Morrison's Cove (PA). Rinehart Replogle settled in the county before the end of the Revolution.
1778-1783 Rinehart and his sons Adam and Rinehart Jr named on the listing of soldiers who served as rangers on the frontiers.  His Revolutionary War service as private, Bedford Co, PA militia, Captain Patrick Hainey's Company. He is listed as Rinehart or Rinehart, Sr. in the "Soldiers of the Revolution who received pay for their services" and "Soldiers who received depreciation pay as per cancelled certificates."    A daughter Margaret who was captured by the Indians, held for some time, and then was able to escape. "Brief History of Bedford County," 1924, p. 17.
After 1785 Maria Koenig Replogle dies after Oct. 8, 1785 in Bedford County
1796 Johann Rinehart died in Bloomfield, Bedford County, PA. Rinehart Replogle Sr. was the father of fourteen children.  He died at the age of seventy-two, and at his death had 126 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.  From "History of Bedford,Somerset, and & Fulton," 1884, p. 341.
1836 Margaret Roof (captive) died 10 Oct 1836 at South Bend, IN and is buried at City Cemetery in St. Joseph, IN, as are her husband Peter (captive) and son Jacob Roof and his wife Mary Roof.

(2nd Generation American)
My grandchildren's 6th GGrandparents: JOHN PHILIP REPLOGLE and ANNA MARIA LNU.  German Speaking family.  German Reformed Church. Blacksmith. Farmer.
1754 John Philip Replogle born in Hanover PA.  He grew up to be a blacksmith and farmer who served in the Revolutionary War.  John died in DC and is buried at Congressional Cemetery, Christ Protestant Episcopal Church, Wash. DC in plot at Range 28, Site #108.   Sole Replogle burial at this cemetery.
1772 Married (1) Anna Maria LNU of Hagerstown MD about 1772.
1787 Married (2) Eleanor McClean about 1755 near Frederick MD; She was 33. 
1824 John died in DC and is buried at Congressional Cemetery, Christ Protestant Episcopal Church, Wash. DC in plot at Range 28, Site #108.   Sole Replogle burial at this cemetery.

(3rd Generation American)
My grandchildren's 5th GGrandparents: Philip William Replogle, farmer, mechanic, cooper; and his wife ELIZABETH GOSSARD.    Religion: United Brethren 
1777 Philip William Replogle born in PA.

"He was a great hunter and a famous bee hunter finding 57 bee trees. He once rode horseback from PA to TN to see his brother Frederick." Per Madeline Raymond, 2 Mar 1982.
1780 Philip's future wife, Elizabeth Gossard born.
1798 Philip and Elizabeth Gossard Replogle marry in PA.
1815 After Sep 1815: "Philip and family migrated from Frederick Co MD or Jamestown PA to OH: Hamilton, Montgomery, and Darke Counties, after Sep 1815." Per Madeline Raymond, 2 Mar 1982.

Philip migrated to Germantown (Montgomery Co) OH by flatboat, floating down the OH River to Cincinnati with his family. A flatboat, while flat, also had shelters built on it. After arrival at a new site, settlers took their flatboats and shelters apart for lumber to build their new homes.

1824 The beginning of land purchases:

On 24 Jun 1824 Philip purchased 78.24 acres of land in what is now Clay Twp (Montgomery Co.) OH. 

1830: "Philip went from Johnstown (PA) to Darke Co." Family Legend:  Philip purchased 40 acres of land at Darke Co., OH on November 7th 1830. (Darke Co OH deed book 111, p 269.)  Deeds in Darke Co OH show that on 7 Nov 1830, the President of U.S., accepted full payment from "Philip Replogle, Jr." for 40 acres of land in Section 22, Twp 14, Range 1E. 1833-48: Mississinawa Twp (Darke Co OH), being the pioneer settler in that township locating 1833 half a mile east of Rose Hill OH.  Joseph and William Replogle settled near Rose Hill OH in 1835. History of Darke Co OH, 1880, p. 391. 1835: Taxed at German Twp, Montgomery Co OH. - "Index of the OH 1835 Tax Duplicate," Gerald M. Petty, compiler, Petty's Press, Columbus, OH 1987. 1836.

His land purchases (original land entries) in Mississinawa Twp (Darke Co) OH were: 23 May 1836, 40 acres, Range 1, Twp 14, Section 22, part of Section NW 1/4; 23 May 1836, another 40 acres, Range 1, Twp 14, Section 22, part of section SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4; 1837: 9 May 1837, Philip bought 35.20 acres. 1839:

On 15 Jul 1839 he purchased additional land (amount not specified) in Section 22, Twp 14, Range 1E. (Darke Co OH, Deed Book K-1, p 161, 15 Jan 1839). Ref. 2145. Same deed, 15 Jan 1839. Ref 2324. According to one source, he paid $1.50 per acre in state bonds for 80 acres of his farm.

1848 Philip William died. He lived in Rosehill, Ohio. Went to visit his family in Germantown, and passed away there. The location of his grave is unknown. 
1854 Elizabeth Gossard Replogle dies.  Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Darke County, OH.

My grandchildren's 4th GGrandparents:  FREDERICK GEORGE REPLOGLE and his wife 1) MARY JANE M. REPLOGLE
1812 Fred Replogle born Nov 17.  (Methodist).  He will be a cooper and a farmer.
1834 Fred marries MARY JANE M. LEWIS.  Mary Jane was b.5/28/1820 OH-d. 9/4/1858.  Married in Germantown, Montgomery Co.  She was about 14 years old!
1840 Fred purchased as a cash entry sale 143.2 acres West of Great Miami in OH.  Parcel: Township 14N, Range 1E and Section 35


Fred and Mary Jane M. Replogle child:

Aaron Bennett Replogle (June 5, 1846 Cincinnati OH -1922).  Only Aaron outlived his father, who died in 1883.  His mother was Mary Jane M. Replogle.  Gravestone of Mary M. Replogle and son Aaron Bennett Replogle at Evansport Cemetery. in Defiance Co., OH.

1858 Fred's wife Mary Jane M. Lewis Replogle dies on 9/4/1858.  Age 38.  She gave birth to a daughter Laura about this period of time and may have died from childbirth complications.
1856 Fred and Mary Jane M. Replogle child:
Emma L. Replogle born on April 25.

Emma died young at age 8 on on Dec. 21, 1864.

1859 Fred marries 2nd wife, Sarah Maria Sanger on Sept 20.  She goes by "Maria".
1860 1860 Census: Defiance, OH (Tiffin):

Fred (Frederick George Replogle) was 48 (b. 17 Nov 1812 in PA)  in PA.*  This wife is "Maria" born about 1826 in Vermont; she is 34 years old.  [His wife first was Mary Jane Lewis born 28 May 1820 in Cincinnati; died 4 Sep 1858 in Evansport, OH].  9 children are living with them  *Possibly born in Hagerstown, MD or 19 Nov 1811 in PA).






1861 Fred and Sarah had a child Fred G. Replogle, Jr.  Jr. died young. 

F. G. Replogle, Jr.  (about 1861-1869)

Son of F.G. & S.M. Aged 8y 7m 26d


1866 Fred Replogle's second wife, Sarah Maria Sanger, died Sept 17 in OH.
1866 Fred married his third wife, Chloe Ann Myers on Dec. 9th of the same year as Maria died.   Chloe was born 1831 OH.  They would have a child together too: Ulysses Grant Replogle born April 1868 and died at age 90.
1879 Fred Replogle farmed.
1880 Fred Replogle was a cooper
1883 Fred Replogle died Sept 10 OH; He is buried at Evansport Cemetery in Evansport, Defiance County OH where his inscription reads.  Aged 70y 9m 23d 


My grandchildren's 3rd GGrandparents:  AARON BENNETT REPLOGLE and his wife MARY ELLEN CAULKINS REPLOGLE

Aaron was born June 5, 1846 in Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio to Pennsylvania-born father and  Ohio-born mother.  His wife is Mary E. Caulkins Replogle  who was born Feb. 10,  1854 in Greenville, Knox County, Ohio to a NH-born dad and a VA-born mom.

Aaron Bennett Replogle  married on 12 May 1872 to  Mary Ellen (Emma) Caulkins Replogle @ William Center (Williams) OH 

Aaron was a painter. 

Military: Civil War , Co. E, 86 Regiment, OH Volunteer infantry 1864 to 1865.   He enlisted 2/8/1864 and was discharged 7/11/1865, serving about 1 1/4 years per the 1890 Veterans Schedule.  Aaron was in E14 and E8 Ohio Infantries.

Civil War Pension Index:  Aaron B. Replogle's widow:  Mary E. Replogle.

It is quite interesting that per the 1880 Census of Bryan, Wms. County, Ohio, that Aaron and Mary E. have a child that has no name, though this boy is listed as being about 1 year old!  Wonder why?  Aaron is 34 and works as a painter while his young wife Mary E. is 26 (8 year difference) and keeps their home.  Their daughter Leona is 6 and attends school, but sons Wilbert (4) and No Name (1) are not yet in school.   

In the 1889 to 1891 Toledo Directory, Aaron B. Replogle is listed as an artist (rather than a painter as in the 1880 census) living at 2211 Detroit Avenue.

1910 Census for Toledo, Lucas, OH, 7th Ward, 88th District, taken April 15 at 2210 Detroit Avenue, Toledo:  Aaron Replogle is now 63 and is the head of the household with his wife Mary E. Caulkins Replogle and their 35 year old daughter Leona Replogle (never married?).  Aaron is 63 and Mary is 55 (born 1854), born in Ohio to a New Hampshire born father and a Virginia born mother).  Aaron is a traveling scenic artist.  Leona teaches music from their home.  Mary is a homemaker.  Aaron and Mary were married 37 years in 1910; and they have three living children from 3 births.

1930 Toledo City, OH Federal Census:  House located at 2253 Whitney Avenue. Mary E. Replogle is the Head of household and owns a home valued at $10,000.  She is a 76 year old widow and is living with her daughter Leona Replogle who is 56 (and evidently never married as still listed as single.  Leona was born in OH to OH born parents, but Mary E. Caulkins Replogle was born in OH to NY born father and VA born mother.

At the time of registration during WWII, Raymond Burdette Replogle, son of Mary Ellen and Aaron was living at the home located at 2253 Whitney Avenue in Toledo.

Per Doris Replogle  Miller Hall, "Grandfather [Daniel] Caulkins, who was my grandmother's father, on my dad's side, wrote a book on Aero-dynamics, before the airplane was ever thought of.  The Smithsonian Institute wrote to my Aunt Leona Replogle for anything she might have that was his, which she did."

NOTE FROM DONNA CATOR:  I found a reference to Dr. Daniel Caulkins book  on Google Books, called Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely by Theo Paijams.  Daniel is listed on page 366 as follows:

The actual book written by Dr. Daniel Caulkins is called Arial Navigation: The Best Method by Daniel Caulkins and can be found through the above title hyperlink on Google Books.  The book was written and published in 1895. You can download this book as a pdf. 



My grandchildren's Great Great Grandparents:
Ray Burdette Replogle and Minnie Henrietta Schmuhl Replogle

Raymond B. Replogle was born August 18, 1878 to parents Aaron Bennett Replogle and Mary Ellen Caulkins Replogle.  Ray grew up to marry Minnie H. Schmuhl.  Minnie and Ray had the following children:
6.  DORIS ELLEN REPLOGLE, b. February 01, 1923, Detroit, Michigan.

In 1896 Minnie, single was living in Toledo OH and working as a domestic.  She lived at 2108  Washington per the the 1896 Toledo City Directory. per the 1903 Directory Minnie was working as a clerk and boarding at 667 Fernwood Av.  Living at the Fernwood address were a Carl Schmuhl and a Carl Jr.  Carl was a contractor; Jr., a carpenter.

1910 Census:  Wayne County, Detroit, MI, Ward 16, District 231.  Ray and Minnie are each 31.  They have been married for 7 years and have had three children, with two living.  Ray, Minnie, Ray Jr., and Russell were born in Ohio; Helen in Michigan.  Ray is a foreman for a motor car company.

Per the 1913 Detroit City Directory, Ray was a fireman and his home was located at 605 Morrell.



By 1914 Detroit City Directory, Ray is a foreman (somewhere!)and is living at 1348 Howard.

During the 1918 WWI registration period, Ray was listed as living at the Howard St. Address, he had dark hair was medium build and height, and had brown eye.  Ray worked as a foreman for Studebaker Corporation! 
He was married to Minnie H.


1920 Census; January 6th:    Ironwood (?) Avenue, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan Ward 16, District 487.  Ray Replogle (Foreman at auto Shop) and his wife Minnie were 42 years of age.  They had a son Raymond REPLOGLE, JR (clerk, china shop), who was 16 (born about 1904 Ohio); a son RUSSELL REPLOGLE age 13 (born about 1907 Ohio); a daughter Helen REPLOGLE, age 10 (born about 1910) and a daughter Lois Elaine REPLOGLE age 4 (born about 1916).  (Jean Audrey Replogle not yet born.) Ray Replogle listed his mother as born in Ohio, but his father as being born in Pennsylvania (in the 1930 Census he listed them both as being born in Ohio).  :

Per their daughter, Doris Ellen Replogle (sister of Jean Audrey) this family moved to Fort Lauderdale FL in August 1925 during the "Boom". 
 "Momma had leather saddle-bags that she said belonged to one of the grandfathers who was a Doctor in one of the wars; he used the saddle bags to hold his medicine, etc.  Don't know what happened to it.   Don't know much about my mother's side of the family.  Her mother died when she and her sister were small I think, he married again, to his housekeeper, and had more children, one of whom  is Uncle Henry in Toledo.  I used to hear Momma say how mean she (housekeeper he married) was to she and Aunt Lou, but that's never mentioned in front of Uncle Henry.  Her father was born in Germany and she and Aunt Lou went to a German taught school.  Momma spoke German fluently.  Minnie [Schmuhl] was born in the 1800s."  Letter of 4/4/1979

1930 Census:  938 NE First Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, District 7;
Ray Replogle owned home valued at $700; and owned a radio set.  He was 57 years old (born about 1873 in Ohio to Ohio born parents).  Ray worked at a garage as an auto mechanic. His wife, Minnie, was also 57 (born about 1873 in Ohio to Germany-born/German-speaking parents).  Three daughters were living with them in 1930:
        Helen M. Replogle age 20 (b. abt 1910 MI), office clerk for a realtor.
        Lois Elaine Replogle age 14 (b. abt   1916 in MI); married 1939 in Broward Co., FL
        Jean A. Replogle age 9 (b. abt 1921 in MI).
        Doris Ellen Replogle age 7 (b. February 1, 1923 in MI). Married ______  on 11 April 1970 in Broward County, FL

1935 Broward County, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Census:  Ray and Minnie now live at 928 NE 1st Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, with their daughters Helen who is a stenographer; Lois who is a Typist, Jean who is in high school and Doris who is in grammer school.  

Jean Audrey Replogle:

At the time of registration in 1943 during WWII, Raymond Burdette Replogle, son of Mary Ellen and Aaron was living at the home located at 2253 Whitney Avenue in Toledo. Ray was 5'6"and 135 lbs. He had gray hair, brown eyes, and a ruddy complexion.  His contact was his sister Leona Replogle.

Raymond died August 28, 1844 in Toledo, OH.  He is buried at Woodlawn Cem.

  Note:  "Dorie" Replogle Miller Hall died on July 29, 1988 in Broward County, Florida.  She was 65.

My grandchildren's Great Grandparents:  Jean Audrey Replogle Wolf & Donald Lewis Wolf

Jean Audrey Replogle was born in May 22, 1920 in Detroit MI and died June 11, 1974 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She married Donald Lewis Wolf  on New Year's Eve in 1939 in Palm Beach County, FL.


Jean Replogle Wolf was just 54 when she died.  She was a wife, a mother, and a grandmother who lived an active life.  Jean suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while reading her bible as she sat on her sofa in her condo in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  She was found by her husband.  Jean was just sitting on the sofa with her head tipped onto her chest.  Don arranged for an ambulance and she lived for 1/2 day before passing away at the hospital.  She never regained consciousness. Jean was
a practicing Christian Scientist who had been blessed to give many testimonies over the years. It would seem her time had come, quietly and gently.


Don Wolf and wife Jean Replogle Wolf



1945 Florida State Census for 89 Dr. Kennedy Homes:
D. L. Wolf age 26 and born in Ohio, Lineman.  Jean Wolf 24 and born in MI and a daughter Donna Jean 1 yr old. 

Note:  Dr. Thomas Kennedy homes were public housing  for low income white people that were built in 1941 at 1004 W. Broward Blvd.  It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but has now been demolished.   These were built during the segregation period and the corresponding housing for African Americans was the Dixie Court Complex of 1940. 


Don and Jean built their own home near Stranahan High School in Ft. Lauderdale. This home was literally built payday by payday.  They had three children, all still living.  Jean absolutely loved to shop, to cook, and to enjoy her family.   Don and Jean later owned a home in Melrose, FL and then moved to Cocoa Beach FL where they lived on a canal with their bird dog named Pepper who was nicknamed Bird.  They returned to Ft. Lauderdale after Don's retirement and purchased their condominium.

Her sister Dorie Replogle Miller resided in the northern part of Broward County, FL.


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Children of Margaret Replogle Roof and Peter Roof:  Jacob m. Mary Bainter. 1781, d. 1832, m. in Zanesville, OH Apr 30, 1807.
Peter m. Sarah Spuhgbon.
David m. Rebecca Shaw.
Daniel Henry
Margaret m. Frederick Bainter and then Jacob Witter and then Christian Poller.
Eva m. John Cripe

One known child of Peter and Margaret Roof is Jacob Roof (1781 - 1831)and Mary Bainter Roof, wife, died 1867.

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