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 Germany, SC, NC, TN, VA

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Hans Michael Jurig Brimer, immigrant from
*Palantine area of Germany
Generation #1 includes greatly enriched information thanks to
Michael Brimer.

1706:          "Hans Michael Jurig Brimer" was born in Germany in 1706. 

1733:          "Hans Jurig Brimer"emigrated from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to the Port of Philadelphia on the London-based Ship "Hope" in August 1733 when he, Hans, was 27 years of age.  List of foreigners imported in the ship Hope, of London, Daniel Reed, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Aug. 28, 1733.  Hans was the only Brimer/Briner on this passenger list.

1733:           His wife is unknown.  Son, Benjamin Brimer, was born in SC in 1733.

1735-1765: Hans was an original land grant recipient (Lot 170, Windsor Street, Orangeburg) which he owned from September 24, 1735 to his death in 1765. Per The First Settlers on the North Fork of the Edisto River, SC, we learn that his land was in the North Fork area.  Records were destroyed in 1865 at the courthouse.  However, we know the township of Orangeburg was established in 1735 "as a result of an Act to promote settlement of foreign Protestants in the Province."  Hans Brimer is listed as one of these men.  

1765:  Hans died in Orangeburg County, SC in 1765.

NOTE:  Pa·lat·i·nate  Either of two historical districts and former states of southern Germany. The Lower Palatinate is in southwest Germany between Luxembourg and the Rhine River; the Upper Palatinate is to the east in eastern Bavaria. They were once under the jurisdiction of the counts palatine, who became electors of the  Holy Roman Empire in 1356 and were then known as electors palatine.

Another version of Ship Hope information:


Map of Historic Orangeburg, showing Lot 170 on Windsor Street.




 GENERATION #2 - Benjamin and Rebecca Brimer of  South Carolina
Hans' Son

HAN's SON: Benjamin Brimer was born 1733 in SC and died in Anderson SC on Sept. 9 1803 at age 70 in Pendleton District of SC.   Benjamin is listed in the 1753 Census for Rowan County, NC and the 1790 Census for Pendleton District, SC and the 1800 Census for the Pendleton District of SC per dShafer of Ancestry. He married "Rebecca" * whose last name may have been Will.  *Updated April 2011 Benjamin Brimer died 09 Sept 1803. His will was filed on 30 Sept 1803.  In his Will, Benjamin is living in the Pendleton District of South Carolina (near what is now Lake Hartwell area of SC).  Benjamin gives his wife "Rebecka" most of his property.  He makes special bequests upon her decease to have the property divided into thirds with 1/3 to Jery Brimer, 1/3 to Nancy Maus and 1/3 to Bety Lenard; $50 to Caty Gaber; 5 ?? to Rebacs Brimer, the Child of Sam.; 5 ?? to William Brimer, Polly Henry, and Jas. (James) Brimer and ?? to Desire W. Lennard.  Benjamin Brimer signed his X before I. L. Brook
and Jonathan Watson.

Benjamin and Rebecca had two known children:

1) HAN's GRANDSON: William (no middle initial, including no "S.") Brimer  (our line)

1759:  Born January 2,1759

1777, 1st Volunteer Duty:
In July 1777, when 18, Pvt. William Brimer volunteered to fight in the American Revolution with the NC militia out of Wilkes County, NC, where he then lived, in a campaign under Capt. Jacob Free (Col. Armstrong's regiment; General Rutherford's brigage) against the Cherokees in the valley towns.

1778, 2nd Volunteer Duty: In  July 1778, he volunteered a second time in Wilke's County, NC under Capt. William Gilbreath (Colonel Buvard's regiment, General Rutherford's brigade) and marched to Moncks Corner which is near to Charleston, SC,  and then on to Savannah, GA.  Pvt. Brimer was discharged from this tour of duty on 9 April 1779.

1780, 3rd Volunteer Duty: In Sept. 1780 he volunteered yet again under Capt. Valentine Sevier (Col. John Sevier's regiment) in Washington County, NC (which is now part of  TN, and fought in the famous Battle of Kings Mountain (see our Mills/Redden line also). Again he served as a private. The Battle of Kings Mountain was a major victory for the patriots.  "William became part of Colonel Sevier's 240 man force" which joined other troops to pursue forces of British Lt. Col. Ferguson. Then he became a part of a 910 man battle force joining with 460 men from other units to become a 1370 force called  "Avenging Horde" that caught and decimated the British at the Battle of Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780.  This was an important battle in turning the tide in favor of American independence. 

Militia Service in Revolutionary War:  Total of  14 to 15 months.

1784: Moved to Washington County, SC and married Elizabeth Elgin and had 7 daughters and 4 sons.

1785:  Moved to Rutherford County NC per military pension application.

1790:  Listed in Rutherford County NC 1790 Census records.

1810:  William Brimer's family moved to Jefferson County TN.

1818:  Moved to Sevier County TN (retired)

1832:    27 Jul 1832 William Brimer filed an affidavit stating his age as 73 years. and that he volunteered  Jul 1777, volunteered while living in Wilke's County, NC, under Captain Jacob Free (Colonel Armstrong's regiment, General Rutherford's brigade); Jul 1778, volunteered again in Wilke's County, NC, under Captain William Gilbreath (Colonel Buvard's regiment, General Rutherford's brigade); Sep 1780, volunteered again in Washington County, NC [at time of affadavit had become TN], under Captain Valentine Sevier (Colonel John Sevier's regiment); fought at Battle of King's Mountain under Captain Sevier in General William Campbell's command; fought in total between 14 and 15 months.

17 Jul 1832 witness affidavit to above William Brimer document by Michael N. Wells and Henry Houk.

4 Dec 1832 William Brimer affidavit states that he was born in the north part of NC on 1 Feb 1759, according to his parents; he lived in Wilks County, NC, then Washington County, NC [at time of affidavit, this area was now Washington County, TN, apparently]; lived in Washington County, NC, until 1785, at which time he moved to Rutherford County, NC; lived in Rutherford County, NC, until 1810, at which time he moved to Jefferson County, TN; lived in Jefferson County, TN, until 1818, at which time he moved to Sevier County, TN, where he has lived since; his present neighbors are Andrew Wills [Wells], Daniel Lemman [Layman or Laymon], Thomas Hill, and George Fox.

1833:  Pension records indicate that William Brimer received a total of $139.98 as of February 11 1833.  

1834:  Died July 16, 1834 Sevier County, TN where he had  retired to. Buried in Flat Creek area of Sevier County, TN

1835:   The 1835 TN Pension Roll shows William awarded for his duty as a NC Militia private, in the annual sum of $46.66 at age 75.  "The records also indicate that he had received a total of $139.98 as of February 11 1833."    His descendants are eligible for membership in patriotic organizations because of his service record.

1839:  March 4 affidavit of Elizabeth Brimer states she is 75 years old and a widow. 

1843:  Elizabeth is ultimately granted an annual widow's pension of $20.50 beginning March 4, 1843.  ==>    

1848:  24 May - According to a paper found in the effects of her son Vineyard's after his death, Elizabeth Brimer apparently died 24 May 1848 in Sevier County.

Misc. documents regarding Elizabeth Brimer:


Notes from Michael Brimer:  Following his death in 1834, William Brimer's heirs gathered together to re-divide and then sell portions of his property to one another.   Sons John and Vineyard.  The "deeds" which sold property to both John and Vineyard, list all of William's children and the spouses of the female children. 

Notes from Michael Brimer:  It would appear from the results of my work that when William moved his family to Sevier County and retired, they had a house in Sevierville. After William's death, 2 of the children wanted to stay local and farm his land, so parts were sold to each of them. In the meantime, some of his children moved away a bit. His widow Elizabeth was having financial difficulties, appealed for a widow's pension, and got it. Not sure yet where each individual child wound up, but evidence did show me that my particular ancestor - a son named William S. Brimer (note the middle initial S.....which is key) had moved to Missouri before his father had passed away. My guess is that he wanted to start his own life, linking himself to his uncle's family, who had moved there after Uncle Jesse's untimely death and them being awarded a land grant in the Missouri territories. Evidence also suggests that William's widow Elizabeth went on to live with Vineyard in her declining years. Slowly, a picture is emerging, but there's lots more work to do to figure it all out.

2) HAN's GRANDSON: Jesse Brimer (1759-about 1814).  He married Eleanor Reneau about 1789 in NC.  NEW: Jesse is listed in the 1790 census for Rutherford, NC as having a household of 1 male and 2 females.  Jesse Brimer served in the War of 1812 for the Tennessee Regulars.  *Jesse volunteered for this service during the war of 1812 in June 1813 at age 54 as a private in Doherty's Company the 7th Infantry.  He died approximately one year later at the Hiwassee Army Garrison. His widow was granted a widow's pension and his heirs and widow granted a land grant in Missouri of 160 acres.  
See also:

Children of Jesse and Eleanor Reneau Brimer:

Rebecca Brimer, 1790 NC,  m. James McDaniel.

Sally Brimer, 1791 NC, m. William McCarter born 1788 in Abbeville, SC. They married October 10, 1812 in TN.  The McCarters had 8 known children.

Nancy Brimer, 1793, Rowan County, NC; m. Abraham McCarter (brother of Sally's husband, William McCarter) in Jefferson County, TN on March 10, 1813. Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002 Record.  They had 6 children, 3 of whom were Abel, Joseph R., and Martha Jane McCarter.

Ruth "Ruthy" Brimer, 1796, NC; d. 17 June 1873 Jefferson County, TN m. Hezakiah Reneau around 1813.  One known daughter: Elizabeth R. Reneau b: about 1819 in Dandridge, Jefferson, TN

Margaret Brimer, 1800 NC

William Brimer, 1802 NC; d.Missouri City, Ft. Bend, TX

Mary "Sabra" Brimer, 1805 TN; d. 1840 Jefferson County, TN; m. Peter Carwile.

Possibly: Moses Reuben Brimer, b. 1807

Elizabeth Brimer, b. 1808 in TN

John Brimer, b. 1810 in TN

S. Brimer of  NC and TN

William S. Brimer, was born Jan 2, 1759 in Wilkes County, NC or  and died July 16th, 1834 in Sevier TN at age 75.  In 1784 he married Elizabeth Elgin who was born 1764 and died May 24, 1848 at age 84.  Elizabeth was awarded a $100 pension upon the death of William in 1834.  William served for Capt. Gilbreath in NC.   See Gen. 2 for more military info.                                                                                  Click ==>

William S. and Elizabeth had the following known children:

John Brimer about 1785 in Haywood County, NC. Married Sally Parrott in Jefferson County, TN on 9 June 1812.

James R. Brimer about 1787 in Rutherford County, NC

Vineyard Rhoten Brimer May 1st, 1792 in Haywood County, NC; Died October 3, 1882 in Jefferson County, TN.  Buried at Brimer Cemetery in Karns, Knox County, TN.  The lived in Hickory Ridge per US Gen Web. The bible transcription of Vineyard and Rhoda is held by Mrs. W. T. Gaddis, grand-daughter of Vineyard Brimer of RD #2, Dandridge, TN:

BIRTHS per Bible:
Children of Vineyard & Rhoda Brimer:

John Brimer was born Dec. 13, 1845
Anny Brimer was born Apr. 30, 1847
Robert Brimer was born Feb. 25, 1848
Jacob Brimer was born March 8, 1850
Elizabeth Brimer was born Sept. 27, 1852
Mary Jane Brimer was born June 20, 1854
Barbry A. Brimer was born Nov. 16, 1856
William R. Brimer was born Feb. 19, 1861
George W. Brimer was born Sept. 20, 1863
Thomas W. Brimer was born Sept. 20, 1863
Sarah R. Brimer was born March 12, 1866

Per an article given to me by somebody (oh, dear)... Vineyard Brimer, when 80 years old in 1872, was deposed and provided the following information before James B. Sharp, Christopher Miller, James Layman and John Manning on 17 Sept 1872)  Evidently this article was on, of which I am not a member:

Vineyard Brimer deposition: 80 years old, lives 3 miles W. of Dandridge; loyal to the Union; had to leave his home when threatened with hanging for advising men to stay out of army; charged with being Captain of Bushwhackers; a raid made on his house in which he was abused and robbed; piloted men to Federal lines. "James Seymour, John Manning, and my Family, Rob Burchfield" (probably when asked who witnessed event).

Sabath Brimer, born about 1793 in Haywood County, NC.  She evidently married in 1834 to George Rogers.

Tabitha Brimer, born about 1793 also in Haywood County, NC

Sarah Brimer was born about 1794 NC and grew up to marry William Thomas Gadd in approximately 1810 in Jefferson  County, TN

William S. Brimer (Jr) born about 1795 in Haywood County, NC.  Died on St. Patrick's day in 1824 in McCune Station, Pike County, Missouri at the age of 29.

Barbara Mary "Sabra" Brimer,  born about 1796.  The 1850 and 1860 censuses lists her in Sevier County, TN.    She married a John Newman and had 9 children. 

Elizabeth Brimer, born about 1798.  She married on 12 May 1813 to Christopher Layman in Jefferson County, TN and had 7 children.

Nancy Brimer... ???

 GENERATION #4 - John Brimer about 1785 in Haywood County, NC. Married Sally Parrott(e) (1783-1845) in Jefferson County, TN on 9 June 1812

John Brimer married Sarah "Sally" Parrott(e) on June 9 1812 and they had a known child together:  Vineyard R. "Rip" Brimer who was born on Aug 4, 1821 in Jefferson County, TN and died on August 20, 1898 in same county.  Sally was born in 1783 and died July 6th 1845 in Jefferson County, TN.

Vineyard R. "Rip" Brimer born 1821 and married to Rhoda Miller, born July 10, 1822.

Rhoda, the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Priddy Miller, married "Rip" Brimer.  Rhoda was born on July 10, 1822 and died on July 18, 1893 in TN. 

On Sept. 20 1863 they had a child together, George Washington Brimer.  George died in TN on 5 November 1931 in Knoxville TN at the age of 68.  He was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Knoxville, TN 3 days later.  At the time of his death he was a widower living at 161 Washington St. in Knoxville and was a "carpenter" per the Tenn. Deaths and Burials Index.   George married Martha Emmaline Mount (1871-1913) and they had 6 children together.

"Rip" shows up in the 1880 census for Knoxville, TN with his wife, Rody (Rhoda).  Vineyard is 63 (born about 1817) and Rody is 51 (born about 1829).  Their sons are George W. age 16 and Thomas age 16 (twins? born 1864) and a daughter, Sarah Brimer is 14 (born 1866).  Vineyard, George and Thomas are all farmers and Sarah and Rody are keeping house.  Rody is unable to write, but evidently can read some at least.  George, Thomas and Sarah have all attended school within the past year, but Sarah is listed as also not being able to write.
1880 Census for Vineyard Brimer, District 177, Knoxville, TN

The Vineyard and Rhoda Brimer family bible from the Jefferson County TN website:

Possession: Mrs. W. T. Gaddis, grand-daughter of Vineyard Brimer of RD #2, Dandridge, TN  Transcription: Aug. 12, 1937

BIRTHS / Children of Vineyard & Rhoda Brimer:
John Brimer was born Dec. 13, 1845
Anny Brimer was born Apr. 30, 1847
Robert Brimer was born Feb. 25, 1848
Brimer was born March 8, 1850
Elizabeth Brimer was born Sept. 27, 1852
Mary Jane Brimer was born June 20, 1854
Barbry A. Brimer was born Nov. 16, 1856
William R. Brimer was born Feb. 19, 1861
George W. Brimer was born Sept. 20, 1863
Thomas W. Brimer was born Sept. 20, 1863
Sarah R. Brimer was born March 12, 1866

Note: Per, John Brimer was born December 13, 1845 and died August 3, 1934 in  Jefferson County TN. He married Sarah Jane Hobert November 13, 1866.  He is buried in Lawson Chapel Cemetery in that county. 


George Washington Brimer and wife Emma Martha
Mount/Martha Emmaline Mount Brimer ==> 

George was born September 20, 1863 and died November 5, 1931. George married Martha Emmaline Mount on Aug 19, 1892; he was a Baptist Minister and a Home Builder.

Death Certificate 11/5/1931 for George Washington Brimer, states that he was run over by a car which fractured his skull, after which he contracted meningitis and died.

His wife Emma born August 8, 1871 and died June 7, 1913 (see her picture above to right.)

Both buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, 4500 Woodlawn Pike, Knoxville, TN.





Also buried here is their son Paul Donaldson Brimer, U.S. Army, WWI May 15 1893 to Feb 22, 1991.
Children of George and Emma:
1) Lillie Blanche Brimer.   Born Jul. 10, 1895 in Jefferson County TN and died April 13, 1980 in Knoxville, Knox County.  The family moved to Knoxville when Lillie was a young teen.  She met and married Roy Clarence O'Brien in 1915.  They were married sixty-five years and had found children.  Roy was born March 10, 1891 in Knoxville and died there on November 20, 1987.  He was the son of James Daniel and Margaret Householder O'Brien. Their children were Beatrice, June, RC Jr., and Carolyn O'Brien.  (per

2) Georgia Forrest b. Aug. 22, 1897; m. Herman A. Fischer; d. March 4, 1971 in Knoxville.  They had two children: Herman A. Jr. and Beverly Forrest Fischer. 

3) Cora E. Brimer

4) Daisy Nineva Brimer

5) Ollie Leona Brimer (Mrs. Fred E.  Booth; Woodlawn Cem.)  =>

6) Napoleon, "Nip" Vineyard Brimer

7) Gladys Emmaline.  Gladys was the youngest child of George W. and Emma Mount Brimer. She married Joseph Eric Legg and had two children: Barbara Jean and David Leon. Gladys born Jan. 28, 1908 and died Jun. 1, 1999 in Tennessee.



Perhaps also a Bernis/Bernice.

In the next 20 years, by the turn of the century, George W. Brimer has married (7 years ago in 1893) his bride, Emma Martha Mount (or perhaps Martha Emmaline Mount) and they have started their family.  In 1900 they have 3 daughters and 1 son. All of their children are living. The son is Paul D. born May 1893 (age 7) and daughters are Lillie Branch born July 1895 (age 4), Georgia (called Georgie!) H. born August 1897 and infant Cora E. born Sept 1899 (our line).  George is farming.  All members of this household were born in TN.
1900 Census for George Washington Brimer, District 43, Knoxville, TN

Another 10 years passes and we now find George W. Brimer and wife Emma Martha are ages 46 and 38 respectively.  They married when George was about 19 and she about 17 and have 7 living children out of a total of 9 births.  They have suffered the passing of two children sometime in the past 10 years and heralded the arrival of several more.  George is working as a farmer. The oldest child is son Paul who is 16 and working as a farm laborer on a home farm.  Leila B. is 14; Georgie F. is 12; Cora E. is 10 and Daisy N. is 8.  Ollie (Olivia) is 6; Napoleon "Nip" V. (likely Nip Vineyard) Brimer is 4 (b. 6  Aug 1906; Nov 19 1964 in Knoxville; married Lissie or Lizzie => Miller); Gladdis E is 2 and baby son Bernie is listed as less than 1 year old.  All are TN born to TN-born parents.
1910 Census for George Washington Brimer, District 76, Knoxville, TN

The passing of the next 10 years is likely traumatic on the family as wife and mom Emma Martha has died.  George's age is so different in these various censuses!  In this 1920 census, George is listed as 48 and son Paul as 22.  In the 1930 census, George is listed as 66!  George is already a widower in 1920 and is renting a home and working as a quilt roller at a cotton mill; Paul is not working.  All are listed as born in TN to TN born parents.  Younger children in the home are daughter Daisy who is 18 and works as a saleslady at a hardware store; Ollie who is 16 and works as a waiter at a drug store; Nip, 14; and Gladys 11.  Daughters Leila/Lillie and Georgie and Cora are no longer living at home with their parents.  And, son Bernie may has died as he is not listed here.
1920 Census for George Washington Brimer,
District 99, Knoxville, TN at 1029 Wray Avenue.

In the 1930 census, George W. Brimer (66!) and his son Nip (24) are living with his daughter Georgia and her husband Herman A. Fisher. George is widowed and Nip appears to be divorced..  George is a house carpenter and Nip is a machinist for an auto shop.  Herman is a master mechanic at a knitting mill.  Herman and Georgia own the home worth $6760, which is not a farm...and they do own a radio set.  Herman is 35, married at 23; Georgia is 32, married at 20.  They have a daughter Beverly F. Fisher (10) and a son Herman A. Fisher, Jr. (4).  All were born in TN to TN born parents.
1930 Census for George Washington Brimer,
District 36, Knoxville, TN


Eliza Brimer and John Wesley Russell 
Cora:  1899 - 1982
 John: July 20, 1894-September 14, 1974
Married:  December 15, 1919

Cora and John has 5 daughters

John Wesley Russell was the son of Joseph Russell and his wife Martha who both died of old age in about the 1940s.  John was born on July 20, 1894 in Tazewell, Claiborne County, TN; and died in Knox County TN on September 14, 1974. They have five daughters:  Marion, Maxine, Wanda, Wilma Deane and Marlene.  He was a WWI veteran.  John is buried at Highland Memorial Cemetery in Knoxville.

Joseph and Martha both spoke German and "yelled" at each a lot - loud but loved by John Wesley Russell.  John was self-educated and worked for many years as a freight conductor for Southern Railway.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record for John Wesley Russell 

When John completed his registration card for WWI draft, he was living at 317 Churchwell Avenue in Knoxville and was a knitter for Standard Knitting Mills at 1400 Washington Avenue in Knoxville.  He was single and declared that he was physically disqualified for the military.  

1930 Census for John Wesley Russell, District 43, Knoxville, TN
John W., a flagman for the railway, and Cora E. Russell are living in Tennessee with three daughters, Marion P. (8), Maxine (5), and Wanda Lou (2years 1 month).  Cora and John married when he was 25 and she 21.  They are now 34 and 30, respectively.  They own their home on 317 East Churchill Avenue.  There are lots of Russells listed on this census page:  Joseph T. (dairy farmer) and Martha Russell at #319; Walter (machinist), Opal and nephew James Russell at #323;   All are born in TN to TN born parents. 

Joseph T. (dairy farmer) and Martha Russell live three doors down at #319:  These are John Wesley's parents. Joseph is a dairy farmer and 64 years old (born about 1866) and Martha is 61 (born about 1869). Both were born in TN to TN born parents.  They own their home which is worth $1000 and is not a farm, though he is listed as a dairy farmer.  Martha and Joseph have been married since he was 21 and she 18.  They married 10 Apr 1888.)

Another Russell on the same street is Walter * Brownlow ("Brownie") Russell, a  machinist, and his wife Opal and their *son James Russell.  They live at #323 with the *Frank and Vina Bowman family.  Walter and Opal are the brother and sister-in-law of Frank Bowman (head of household),  Melvina A. Bowman is a Russell.*  Walter is 30 and married at 24 to the 19 year old Opal who is now 24.  The Bowman/Russell household is next door to the John Wesley and Cora Russell household.  NOTE:  #323 was later changed to #409 by the City of Knoxville.* 

Melvina Ann Russell (1892-1974) is the wife of Frank Bowman (1888-1977).  Melvina suffered a fatal stroke the night she went to her brother John Wesley Russell's (our line) visitation at the funeral home on Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN on September 1974.

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