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 3rd great-grandfather
 Zachariah William Seymour m. Susannah "Sukie" LeGrand

Zachariah was born in 1786 in Halifax, VA. He died in Elberton, GA in 1863.  Sukie was born in Halifax VA also, one year before Zachariah.  She died on the 19th of April in 1846 in Elberton, GA.  I

Zach and Sukie married on the 27th of July in 1807 in Halifax.  

Their son Zachariah Jr. was born on March 8, 1808.  He later became known as "Ole Man Riah." 

Two years later they had John Warren, born July 19, 1810, and Joel followed on November 25, 1814.

Sometime after Joel and before Nancy, the family moved to Elberton GA.

Their first daughter was Nancy and she was born March 18, 1818 in Elberton, GA- four years after Joel. Nancy lived but one year.

Other children were Jesse E. born April 2, 1820; Elizabeth Sue born July 22, 1822; Caroline born November 20, 1825; Susan born in 1827 but she died in 1828 at one year of age.  Son Mason Green Seymour was born October 9, 1829 (Direct line).  Marshall was the last known child, born in 1830.

When mom Sukie died in 1846 she was 61 years old.  They had been married 38 years.  When Zach died he was 63.  Zach was buried at Rehoboth Baptist Cemetery in Bowman, Elbert County, GA.  This may have originally been the Seymour Cemetery.

 2nd great-grandfather
 Mason Green Seymour Sr. m. Julia Anne Brown

Mason was born October 9th in 1834 in Elberton GA. He died on Christmas Eve in 1921 in Bowman, Elbert County, GA.  His mother Suki died when he was 16.  Mason died of Cancer.

Julia was born on June 22 in 1834 in Elbert County, GA to John and Martha Eaves Brown.  She died on the 27th of February in 1908 in the same place.

Per the GA Marriages, Julia and Mason married in Elbert on 19 December 1849. 

19 Dec 1849  Elbert, Georgia, United States
Mason and Julia Seymour/Seymoure



G Graves of Julia and Mason.

Note:  Julia Ann Brown Seymour's parents were John Brown born 1808 in Elbert, GA where he died in September 1866; and his wife, Martha Eaves Brown born about two years earlier.  Martha died 5 days before Christmas in 1874 and is buried at Rehobeth Baptist Church Cemetery in Bowman, Elbert County, SC

Group photo is John, Martha and daughter Sapphire Elizabeth "Betty" Brown

Note:  The following is Mason and Julia Brown Seymour's daughter, Susannah Elizabeth "Susie" Seymour Parham.  Susie was born in October 1854 in Elbert County and she died May 1937 in Madison, GA.


Note:  The following is Mason and Julia Brown Seymour's daughter, Emma Idella Seymout, born 1870 and died 1943 in Bowman; Buried at Rehoboth Baptist Church Cemetery.

 Ira Green Seymour m. Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Parham

Ira was born 2 days after Christmas in 1861 in Elbert County.  He died on March 23 in 1936 in the same place; he was 74.

Lizzie was born on June 3 of 1864 in Elbert County, GA to Isham Payne Parham and his wife Mary Elizabeth Kidd ParhamLizzie died on the 16th of May in 1920 in Bowman, Elbert County, GA; she was 55.

Children of Ira and Lizzie Seymour:

Lizzie and Ira married in January on the 16th in 1883 in Elbert County:
Per Georgia Marriage Records


 (Siblings, spouses and daughters of each)
 Oles Johnson Seymour m. Mamie Catherine/Katherine Boland

Clara Elizabeth Seymour m. Ebb Christian


 Oles Johnson Seymour m. Mamie Catherine/Katherine Boland, parents of Mary Ann Seymour (next generation)

Oles was born on the 22nd of March in 1908 in Elberton, GA.  When he was born his father Ira was 46 and his mom Lizzie was 43.  She had 10 children by 1910 of whom 9 were living in 1910. His mom Lizzie died when he was 12.  Oles died December 1986 in West Columbia, Lexington, SC.

When Oles was but two years of age, his family lived in Goshen, Elbert County,GA.

Mamie was born August 6th 1909 in Ninety-Six SC.  She died two days before Christmas in 1985 in West Columbia, Lexington County, SC. Mamie was the daughter of James Arthur Boland (born 1886 in SC and died in Columbia SC) and his wife Floretta Blanche Jones (died Dec. 24, 1949 at 65 years of age).   

By 1930, Mamie and Oles were living at 412  Sirrine St., Ninety-Six SC.  He was a cloth grader and she a battery filler at a local cotton mill.  They were 21 and 20 years of age.  By 1935 they lived in West Columbia, SC.

In the 1940 Census for SC, Oles and Mamie Catherine were 31 and 30 respectively and had Oles Jr. (9), Myrtie Elizabeth (6), and Mary Ann (3).  Both worked for a spinning mill back in Ninety-Six, SC and lived again at 412 Sirrine St.: 






Clara Elizabeth Seymour m. Ebb Christian, parents of Bertha Florella Christian ("Aunt Florella")

Clara was born 25 Nov 1894 in Elbert County, GA.  She died on 12 Jan 1986 in Greenwood, SC.  Clara married Ebb Christian on Feb. 18, 1914 and they had a daughter Bertha Florella Christian ("Aunt Florella").  Clara lived 91 years!

Aunt Florella was born on the 16th of November in 1914 in Elbert County. She died on Feb. 21, 2014 in Greenwood County, SC.  Lived 99 years!

Per the 1900 Census, Clara's family was living in Goshen, Elbert County, GA.  Clara was 5.  Her dad Ira was a farmer.


Per the 1910 Census, Clara was still in Goshen, 15, and working on her family's farm as a farm laborer.


Interestingly, they the next census in 1920, Clara is 25, has married and divorced and has a 5 year old daughter, Florella.  There are two other children listed (step?) as Odie (?) and Clarence who are 12 and 15.  Clara is living in the same home or next door to her parents, Ira (Irie!) and Lizzie. 


Per the 1930 census Clara was widowed and the head of her household with her daughter Florella (15) and her niece Estella (18)  in Ninety-Six, SC. All three of the women worked: Clara was a cloth grader, Florella was a battery filler, and Estella was a spooler at a spinning mill.  They lived at 418 Sirrene St.


In the 1940 Census (latest one available), Clara and Florella live together in Ninety-Six, SC.  Clara is 45 and widowed and Florella is 25 and single.  Clara is still called Christian which means that she has not remarried.  This makes me wonder if the D for divorce in the 1920 census should have really been a W for widowed.  This would also explain the two sons in the 1920 census, as Ebb's sons whom she cared for after Ebb died.  ???  Both Clara and Florella completed 7th grade only.  Clara is a cloth grader and Florella is a weaver for a cotton mill.


Clara died January 12, 1986 at the age of 91, in Greenwood, SC.


Bertha Florella Christian Smith died February 21, 2014 in Greenwood SC at age 99.  Her Obituary: 








  Walter Perrin Fuller m. Mary Ann Seymour

Korean War Veteran, SFC Walter Perrin Fuller was born December 19, 1928 in Buffalo, SC.  He died at age 60 in West Columbia SC on February 4, 1989. He is buried in Woodbridge Memorial Park in Lexington, SC.

Walter married Mary Ann Seymour and they were residents of Buffalo, SC for some time.

At one point they lived at 412 Sirrine St., Ninety Six, SC

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