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The Webb Family (A Maternal Lineage)

  APRIL 2017



7th great-grandparents on Webb maternal side: 
John Webb (____-1711)
Ruth Graves Webb (1674-1755)

Ruth Graves (7) was born 25 Nov. 1674 in Concord, MA, and died 12 Nov. 1755.  She married John Webb, son of John Webb and Hannah ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 25 (or 15) Jan. 1699/1700 in Saybrook, CT.  He died 28 Jan. 1711.  The births of their children were recorded in Saybrook Vital Records, 1647-1834, p. 28.  She married second William Merriam, son of William Merriam and Elizabeth Breed, on 7 Nov. 1711.  He was born 8 March 1668 in Lynn, MA, and died 26 Feb. 1752 in Bristol, CT.  Ruth was William’s fourth wife.  (R‑39, R‑84, R‑133, R‑500)

Children - Webb

  35.  John Webb, b. 4 Nov. 1700, d. 19 Dec. 1702.

  36.  Hannah Webb, b. 1 March 1702.

  37.  Mary Webb, b. 19 March 1703/4.

  38.  Ruth Webb, b. 1 Dec. 1705.

  39.  Sarah Webb, b. 7 Aug. 1707.

  40.  Gideon Webb, b. 1 July 1709.

+41.  John Webb, b. June 1711, m. Lydia ----, d. 1785 or later.

Children - Merriam

+42.  Ruth Merriam, b. 2 Nov. 1713, m. Caleb Matthews, 9 May 1733, d. 3 Nov. 1785.

  43.  Samuel Merriam, b.c. 1716 (Lynn, MA).

  44.  Ebenezer Merriam, b. 1718 (CT).

  45.  Joseph Merriam, b. 1724 (CT).



6th great-grandparents on Webb maternal side: 
Gideon Webb (July 1, 1709 in Saybrook CT to 18 Feb 1799 in Saybrook) & wife ,
Temperance Huff/Hough Webb (April 8, 1708 in East Haddam CT to Dec 22, 1793 in Chester, Middlesex, CT), daughter of Jonathan and Silence Bates Hough/Huff


Gideon Webb is the son of John Webb and wife Ruth Graves Webb.  Gideon was born to them in early July 1709. 

Temperance Huff or Hough was the daughter of Silence Bates and Jonathan Hough who married on April 10, 1707 in Saybrook CT.

On July 27, 1755, Gideon  of Haddam CT married Temperance Huff of Chester in Saybrook CT.

Gideon Webb served in the French & Indian War, believed to be his first such service, in November of 1756 and his last in 1762.  Gideon had just married in July of 1755, but according to v he became a volunteer soldier in November of the following year.

Gideon served in the 7 year French and Indian War from 1756-1762.  In 1758 he served for the 3rd Regiment in Connecticut under the command of Colonel & Captain Eleazer Fitch in the 11th Company.  His co-commander was Capt Timothy Mather.


In 1761 he was serving in the 2nd Regiment for Connecticut with the Regiment Command being Colonel and Captain Nathan Whiting, First Company.



In 1762 he was still fighting in the French and Indian War, this time in the 1st Regiment under the command of Phineas Lyman, Major-General, in the 10th Company.  The co-command was Capt. Hugh Ledlie.



The Seven Years’ War, a global conflict known in America as the French and Indian War, ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by France, Great Britain, and Spain in 1763.

Gideon survived the French and Indian War years and did not die until February 1799 at 89!

Temperance lived until December 22, 1793, having lived a long life of 85 years!


Note:  The conclusion of the French and Indian War resulted in the Paris Peace Treaty when France soundly lost; ultimately this led to the American Revolution as the colonists now were no longer afraid of war with Britain and saw it as perhaps the only way to end British dominance and obligations of little or no value to the new country citizens.  The Webbs were involved in both the French and Indian War and the issues of the forthcoming American Revolution.



5th great-grandparents on Webb maternal side: 
Reuben Webb (1756- earlier than 1813) and wife
Eunice Bissell  Webb (1757-1832)

Reuben Webb was born in 1756 in Middlesex County, CT to parents Gideon Webb and wife Temperance Huff/Hough Webb; he died in CT between 1810 and 1812.  Reuben married Eunice Bissell.  After his death, Eunice moved with her son Ephraim to Huron County, OH in 1813. 

Eunice Bissell Webb was born in 1757 to parents Ephraim and Susanna Warner Bissell. She had 4 known children: Reuama, Thomas, Reuben Jr., Ephraim.  Eunice died in 1832. She is buried at Cable Cemetery, Florence, Erie County, OH.

The Town and City of Waterbury, Connecticut, Volume 1


Inscription: Our Honoured Mother EPITAPH: My Friends, as you pass by my tomb, Prepare to die, death is your doom. Although in health, so once was I; Beneath these clods, I now must lie.



4th great-grandparents on Webb maternal side: 
Ephraim Webb (1783-1861) and wife
Alathear Stiles Webb (1785-1863)

Ephraim Webb was born in Waterbury, CT on September 14, 1783 and died in New Haven, Huron County, OH on October 12, 1861 at the age of 78.

Ephraim's parents were Reuben and Eunice Bissell Webb.

Ephraim married Alathear Stiles in 1805 in NY.

They settled in Clarksfield township in 1818.  

Ephraim gave bond for Huron County Treasurer 3 Sep 1821, and in April 1822, he was elected for same.  He became the Huron County Treasurer!







Alathear Stiles Webb had 12 children: Stiles, Ann, Adelia, Horace, Ruth Ann, Eunice, Benjamin, Mary Ann, Belinda, David F., Olive and Phoebe.

Alathear "Altha" "Althea" Stiles was born April 17, 1785 in CT to parents Samuel Stiles and Phebe Brooks Stiles.  When she was born her dad was 48 and her mom Phebe 38. 

Alathear had a brother named Ben Stiles who owned considerable land in Clarksburg NY. Her husband Ephraim Webb arrived in NY around the time that Benjamin did.  Ben gave 50 acres of land to Ephraim for clearing 10 acres owned by Ben.  Ephraim and Alathear remained in NY for only a few years.  Click on the blue outlined photo to see the large picture of the land that Ephraim owned.





                                      From History of Clarksfield (OH):

Altha died in Collins, Huron County, OH on May 19, 1863.  She too lived 78 years.

Inscription:  Wife of Ephraim Webb Aged 78 years.  Burial at East Creek Cemetery in New Haven, Huron County, OH for this couple.

Children as listed on findagrave:


3rd great-grandparents on Webb maternal side:  
Horace George Webb (1810 - 1891)
Lucy Ellis Webb (1808 - 1852)

Horace George Webb was born March 13, 1810 in NY, traveled to New London, Huron County OH where he died on August 7, 1891.  During his life he married twice and had 21 children!  His wives were 1)  Lucy Ellis Webb (1808 - 1852) and 2) Sarah Call Webb (1832 - 1877)*

Horace and Lucy married in 1830 in Otselic, Chenango, NY.  They had 9 children together:  George Anson, Lucy J. Anson, Alathea, Arthur, Larson, Adelaide, David S and Stiles Delano Webb.

By the 1850 Census, the family lived in OH where he farmed.

PER New London Record: 13 Aug 1891:
Horace Webb died at the home of his daughter in New London village on Friday afternoon. He had been sick several months. Buried in East Creek Cemetery which is located in New Haven, Huron County, OH. He is buried in an unmarked grave. Horace married twice, having a total of 21 children. 

His wife Lucy Ellis Webb is buried there in Row 9. 


Horace Webb:

Lucy Webb:

His second wife is Sarah Call Webb (not a relative/ancestor).


Great Great-grandparents on Webb maternal side:  
Stiles Delano Webb (1842- 1915)  (Civil War)
Sarah "Jane" Perigo Webb (1846 - 1930)

Stiles was born November 18, 1842 in Oneida County, NY.  His mom was 34 (older than his dad by about two years) and his dad was 32. He was about 9 when his mom Lucy Webb passed away.

Ultimately he moved to Huron County OH where he died on March 9, 1915.   Has GAR Marker says: Co B, 3 Ohio Cav. US Military marker.  Two siblings are David S. Webb (1841-1851) who passed away at about 10 years of age and half sibling per findagrave Manley Nobel Webb who was born in 1873 and died in 1947.  Stiles is buried at Greenwich Greenlawn Cemetery in Greenwich, Huron County, OH.

At this same cemetery is his wife Sarah Jane Perigo Webb, born 1846 in NY and died in Huron County OH in 1930.






In the Civil War Pension Index, both Sarah J. Webb, wife, and Rosa Webb, their "helpless child" is listed:


reat-grandparents on Webb maternal side:  
George Anson Webb (5 March 1889 -  23 May 1952)
Effie May Fuller (6 Sept. 1889 -  23 April 1953)

Effie with her daughter Helen

This was a very confusing generation due to many marriages.  So I placed information in a timeline:

July 1842 Martin Fuller (Effie's dad) born in Vermont  
11/11/1851 Margaret Houck born in Cleveland OH  (Effie's mom)  
1864/1865 Effie's dad:  In Feb 1864 Martin Fuller served in the Civil War, Co. G, 105th Reg. OH Vol. Infantry.  In June 1865 he transferred to Co. K, 38th Reg. and he mustered out July 13, 1865 at Columbus OH by order of the war dept.  He painted homes as a civilian.   
5 Mar 1889 George Anson Webb born Ruggles, New London, OH


Son of Stiles and Jane Perigo Webb
6 Sept 1889 Effie May Fuller Webb born Cleveland OH

Effie May Fuller was born on September 6, 1889 in Cleveland, OH.  Her dad, Martin Fuller was 47 and her mom Margaret Houck Fuller was 37, 10 year span in her parents' ages.

Dad is Martin Fuller

Mom is Margaret Houck Fuller

Jan 13 1907 Effie's Dad/GG Grandfather Martin Fuller died in Cleveland OH.  Buried at Monroe Street Cemetery in Cleveland Plot: Section: D. Lot: 04, Grave: 03.   
1908 Effie Fuller in the Ohio Marriages 1774-1993 is listed as age 19.  She married ALBERT H. BERANEK in Cuyahoga OH.  File number is 00886221,  Her parents are listed as "Fred Fuller" and "Maggie Pollock" but later in research she is listed as having divorced Beranek and George Webb (her second divorce) to marry Leland Paddock.  So, Albert Beranek is her first husband and George Webb is #2.  Leland will be #3 (and a 4th is upcoming!) Effie's 1st Marriage ALBERT BERANEK
Before 1910 Effie and Albert Beranek divorce.  No known children.
June 22, 1910 George Anson Webb and Effie May Fuller marry in Cleveland OH - She is now only 20 and on marriage #2

George Anson Webb married Effie May Fuller in Cuyahoga County, OH, on June 11, 1910.  George was 21 and his wife Effie May Fuller was 20.   George listed as son of Stiles and Jane Perigo Webb. Effie as the daughter of Martin and Margaret "Maggie" Houck Fuller.

Effie's 2nd Marriage GEORGE ANSON WEBB
1912 Son George Martin "Spider" Webb born  
1916 Dau./Your Grandmother Helen Mae Webb born  
June 5, 1917 WWI Reg. Card George Anson Webb (born 3/5/1889 in New London OH). George living at 1944 58th Street in Cleveland OH with his wife and two kids.  He worked as a chauffeur.  George was medium build and height with blue eyes and light brown hair.  He had no scars, etc.




1919 3) George Anson and Effie's daughter born:
1920 4) and 5)  George Anson and Effie's daughters (twins) born:

        Iva's 2nd husband Maurice Blair. They divorced and Maurice died within two years.  Iva was previously married to a Mr. Smith.

June 13, 1925 GEORGE IS DIVORCED FROM EFFIE AS OF 1925 IN C.P. Court. (See marriage license below that lists their divorce
March 20,1926 Effie Webb is now divorced and marries LELAND H. PADDOCK.  Leland lists himself as married once and 37.  His wife is deceased.  Effie WEBB lists two previous marriages both ending in divorce.  One to a Beronek and divorced and one to Webb and divorced 6/13/1925.  Effie is now 36.

Effie's 3rd Marriage Leland Paddock
Feb 25, 1928
Effie's mother Margaret Houck Webb dies in Cleveland, OH,  Widow since 1907; Age 78.
Feb 28 1928 OBIT Plain Dealer(Cleveland,Ohio), Feb. 28, 1928, p. 23: 
OBITUARY FOR Margaret Fuller (nee Houck), age 78 years, Feb. 25, 1928. Beloved wife of the late Martin.  Mother of:
  • Mrs. Edward Joyce  (This is Francis P. Fretter, daughter of Margaret Houck when married to Peter Fretter)
  • Mrs. Leland Paddock (this is Effie Webb who is married to Leland Paddock now)
  • Thomas D. Fretter (Peter and Margaret's son)
  • John Henry (Peter and Margaret's son)
  • Wildrick Fetter (???Perhaps Margaret's stepson?)
  • Robert Roy Fuller. (son of Margaret and Robert Fuller; and full sibling of Effie Fuller)

    Mom Margaret Houck Fuller was born 11/11/1851 in Cleveland OH and died there on Feb 23, 1928, widow of husband and Civil War veteran Martin Fuller.  Margaret resided at 1666 West 39th St in Cleveland when she died but this is evidently now a vacant lot.  There is no gravestone for her, but she and Martin are at same cemetery: Monroe Street Cemetery in Cleveland Plot: Section: D. Lot: 04, Grave: 03.

Between 1928 and 1930?? Did Effie and Leland Paddock divorce? ??
1930 Effie's second husband George Anson Webb working as truck driver for furniture company in OH  
1930 Census George, Effie and all kids living together in Avon Lake, OH. Does this mean that Paddock and Effie were only married for a couple of years at most??  Did George take her into his home in 1930 or so for sake of their kids between her many marriages? 1930 Census for Lorain, Avon Lake, OH: 

OCT 9, 1933 But Effie, wanting to marry yet again, is listed on this marriage license as the daughter of  Martin H. Fuller and Margaret Houck Fuller (Correct) AND Effie lists a former husband (appearing to be only one she notes on license as "Webb" who is "Dec'd" (dead).  What happened to George Webb?  This is 1933. George lives until 1952. Appears to be the lies we tell the marriage license board...hummm.  George Webb will not be dead for many years and she has conveniently evidently excluded other marriages also to Beranek and Paddock. 

THIS MARRIAGE IS TO JOSEPH JESSIE FALL. They were wed on October 9, 1933 in Cuyahoga County, OH.  He lists one previous divorce (name unknown).  

Effie's 4th Marriage Joseph Jessie Fall
1940 CENSUS Joseph Fall and Effie Mae Fuller Webb Fall are living together in Cleveland in rented home.  He is a sailor.

March 29 1941 George Anson Webb, son of Stiles Webb and mother Jane Perigo Webb marries Elizabeth Gillette (Mrs. Buynack) a divorcee in 1940.  George is divorced from wife Effie as of  1925 IN C.P. Court per one of Effie's marriage licenses;  and no other marriages from 1925 to 1941 for George are known to me.
ABT. 1942 In 1942 GEORGE ANSON WEBB completed a WWII draft registration card.  Now he was 52 and living at 4718 Bridge Ave., Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. 

As his contact, he listed Helen M. Horvath (daughter/YOUR GRANDMOTHER) who lived with him.  George was still a chauffeur, this time for Grey Van Lines Co. 

No wife is listed for George who married Elizabeth Buynack in 1941.  Where is she?

18 Aug 1948
Effie's husband Joseph J Fall died in Ohio 
 23 May 1952 George Anson Webb died in Ashland, OH

Per the Mansfield Journal: 24 May 1952 Ashland: "George Webb, 62, of West 15th St, died last night at Ashland Samaritan hospital, following a short illness. He was born in Ruggles March 5, 1890 and was a life resident of the county, moving to Ashland two years ago. He was an employee of the A.L. Garber Co., and a member of the Eagles Lodge.

Surviving are one son;

George Webb of Cleveland (George Martin Webb) and

four daughters all of Cleveland:

  • Mrs. Iva Blair (twin)

  • Mrs. Mickey Horvath (your grandmother's husband surname)

  • Miss Grace Webb

  • Mrs. Eva Sakas (twin)

AND 7 grandchildren.

Services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Heyl funeral home with Rev. G.A. Clymer, pastor of the Emmanuel EUB church officiating. Burial will be in Ashland Cemetery. Friends may call Monday night at the funeral home."

Great, Great Grandad: Age 62; died in hospital
23 April 1953 Effie May Fuller died (in OH?)  Age 63. Great, Great Grandmom: Age 63


Grandparents on Webb maternal side:
Helen Mae Webb (July 28, 1916 in OH - September 3, 1986 in OH)

Joseph Michael Horvath, Jr. ("
Mickey") (April 7, 1910 NJ- died Jan 31 1972 OH)

Effie and George Anson Webb's daughter Helen married twice.  The first marriage is the more important one to this lineage.  The second marriage was to a stepfather (Mr. Vanderlin) to her children.

On July 3, 1935, with the "consent of her parents," Effie and George Anson Webb, Helen Webb married Joseph Horvath, Jr.  in Cleveland, OH.  This was their first marriage.  She was 18 and residing at 2021 West 47th Street in Cleveland at the time she wed. 
Her residence was the small two-story home was built in 1900 with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Her husband Joseph Horvath was 25 and had been living at 1742 W 24th St in Trenton, NJ where he was working as a window cleaner.
His parents listed on the marriage license are Joseph Horvath and Mary Horamy Horvath. 
Joseph and Helen married in Cuyahoga County, OH.


Joseph "Mickey" Horvath and wife Helen Webb Horvath had two children; a Joan who died young or infancy;  followed by Phyllis Mae Horvath who gave him 6 living grandchildren at the time of Joseph's death.

It appears they were married for many years although the death notice indicates he was "divorced" sometime before his death on January 28, 1972 at a long term facility in North Olmsted, Cuyahoga County OH.

Joseph Michael Horvath is buried at West Park Cem. in Cleveland OH.

His obituary in the Plain Dealer Newspaper on Jan 31 reads:

Their daughter Phyllis Horvath, who grew up to marry Benjamin Wesley Cator, is listed in this obit
as Mrs. Phyllis Cator.  He is listed as the granddad of six.

14 years later, Helen Webb Horvath Quinlan died on 3 Sept 1986 in OH.  She passed away at Southwest General Hospital in Middleburg Hts, Cuyahoga OH at the age of 70.  Helen is listed as a registered nurse for Personnel Supply Service.  Helen was autopsied for purposes of a death certificate but the findings are not known on this.  At the time of her death, she was the widow of __________ Quinlan according to this record. 

I am so far not identifying Mr. Quinlan. 

Interesting Tidbit!

Effie May and George Anson Webb had a son, your Great Uncle, named George Martin "Spider" Webb.  He served in World War II in the US Army.  "Spider" married twice and his second wife was Lucy K. "The Brat" Aumock Webb.  They are buried at Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Ashland OH, complete with the nicknames engraved upon their shared tombstone!

What might be the story behind these curiously surprising and
most unusual nicknames???  Do you know?


Please share information....  Questions? Comments?



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